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2018Optimization of mounting positions and supporting structures of building services equipment for vibration controlWang, Zhen
2016Optimization of multi-attribute multi-label object recognition using support vector machineCui, Zhenxi
1996Optimization of power cable ratingKwong, Chung-lun
2007Optimization of power flow with transient stability constraints using semi-infinite programmingXia, Yan
2009Optimization of production planning in printed circuit board assemblyWu, Yongzhong
1995Optimization of radial basis function networks for pattern classificationLai, Ka-wa
2007Optimization of replenishment strategy for a VMI-based apparel supply chainDong, Aihua
2001Optimization of run time and energy consumption of train movementWong, Kwok-kam
2014Optimization of sparse sensor networks for damage identification using binary particle swarm optimizationWu, Bing
2007Optimization of surface generation in ultra-precision multi-axis raster millingCheng, Mei-na
2013Optimization of the distribution pump height in a high-rise office buildingNg, Ray-an Luy
1999Optimization of the efficiency of switched-mode power transformersLai, Chi-wing
2001Optimization of the Plated Through Hole (PTH) process by the combinationof design of experiments and response surface methodologyShew, Yun-wan
2001Optimization of the production of astaxanthin by Phaffia rhodozymaChan, Ho-yin Alex
2020Optimization of the production scheduling problem with maintenanceFu, Xiaoyue
2006Optimization of titanium nitride and chromium nitride PVD coating process for toolingsYim, Siu-lan
1999Optimization of trading strategy by genetic algorithms and wavelet transform with an Internet application to the Hong Kong stock optionLee, Kai-leung
2009Optimizations of dynamic vibration absorbers for suppressing vibrations in structuresCheung, Yan-lung
2016Optimized switched-capacitor power conversion technology for DC distributionYe, Yuanmao
2018Optimizing aircraft routing of airline and maintenance staffing of maintenance providers using game theoretic modelElsayed Elsayed Eltoukhy, Abdelrahman