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2019Pterostilbene, a natural phytochemical, ameliorates fatty liver disease in in vitro and in vivo modelsNg, Yam Fung
2018Public health and risk communication : the experience of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic and the swine influenza pandemicCheung, Man Ying Germaine
2018Public health education through posters in two world cities : a multimodal corpus-based analysisZhang, Peijia
2002Public housing quality reviewLui, Ya-ting Eden
2018Public interest and sensemaking : how social activists make sense of their engagementRuelle, Olivier Herve
2000Public policy and the arts : a case study of the impact of managerialism on the operation of the Music OfficeChow, Chung-fai
2018Pull-out resistances of metal panel-to-clip attachments under static and cyclic loadsHuang, Shengtao
1999Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of magnetic multilayer and granular thin filmsLi, Ming-fai
2005Pulsed laser deposition and characterization of LiNbO3 films for application in surface acoustic wave deviceLam, Hi-ki
2001Pulsed laser deposition of heteroepitaxial ferroelectric thin film capacitorYip, Ping-wah
2000Pulsed laser deposition of multilayer thin filmsLee, Wai-sim
2002Pulsed laser deposition of nitride filmsCheung, Hoi-yan
2009Pulsed laser deposition of telluride thin films for photonics applicationsPang, Man-yee
2011Pulsed-laser deposition of perovskite polar oxide films on SrTiO₃and study of interfacial transport propertiesLi, Danfeng
1997Purification and characterization of plasma membrane calcium atpase (PMCA) of pig erythrocyte using plasma membrane calcium atpase inhibitor (PMCAI)-sepharose affinity chromatographyMan, David Shu-ki
1994A pursuit of an effctive strategy for the commercialization of WIO in HongKongChak, Tak-sum
2009Push-out tests of headed shear studs with solid concrete slabsShen, Minhui
2016PVDF thin film and nanofibers for energy applicationsSong, Ruobing
2016Pyroptosis : an alternative programmed cell death in dengue virus (DENV) infectionCheung , Ka Tik
2013Pyroptosis in macrophages infected with dengue virusCheung, Wing Hong Eddie