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2012A novel Integrated Sensing System (ISS) for monitoring kinematic errors of a precision linear slideHou, Nengjie
2014Novel magnetic gears and their performance analysisPeng, Shan
2014Novel metal/core-shell polymer composite particles : synthesis, characterization and potential applicationsTan, Noel Peter Bengzon
2014Novel mitotic regulators involved in breast cancer progressionLee, Lai Sheung
2021Novel mobile robotic system for structural health monitoringLei, Junjie
2003Novel mutation operators & their application to regularization of artificial neural networksChan, Shun-heng
2011Novel nanostructure engineering via self-assembly of amphiphilic hollow particlesLee, Cheng-hao
2019Novel plasmonic metal-semiconductor hybrid photocatalysts for enhanced organic decompositionHo, Kwun Hei Willis
2021A novel real-time monitoring, notification, analytics system, and personal thermal sensations model for indoor air quality and energy efficiency in commercial buildingsLi, Qing Yun
2021The novel role of endosomal protein APPL1 in restricting NLRP3 inflammasome activation via mitophagyWu, Ka Lok
2007Novel smart core-shell microgels : synthesis, characterization and applicationsLeung, Man-fai
2008Novel splice techniques and micro-hole collapse effect in photonic crystal fibersXiao, Limin
2016Novel structures and properties of polysaccharides derived from exopolysaccharides produced by a cordyceps sinensis fungus in liquid fermentationChen, Xia
2012Novel surface treatment for fashion garmentsYuan, Guoxiang
2012A novel thermal storage based reverse cycle defrosting method and the operating performance evaluations for an air source heat pumpQu, Minglu
2022Novel two-dimensional metal chalcogenides for nonlinear optics and ultrafast photonicsAhmed, Safayet
2007Novel vegetated sequencing batch biofilm reactor for treating suburban domestic wastewaterChan, Shing-yan
2020Novel vibration control strategies using electromagnetic dampers : from fundamental to applicationsLi, Jinyang
2022Novel vibration-assisted ultraprecision machining system for generating micro/nanostructured surfacesDu, Hanheng
2022Novel vibration-based nonlinear energy harvesters : design, analysis, and applicationsLi, Meng