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2001Optimization of the Plated Through Hole (PTH) process by the combinationof design of experiments and response surface methodologyShew, Yun-wan
2001Optimization of the production of astaxanthin by Phaffia rhodozymaChan, Ho-yin Alex
2020Optimization of the production scheduling problem with maintenanceFu, Xiaoyue
2006Optimization of titanium nitride and chromium nitride PVD coating process for toolingsYim, Siu-lan
1999Optimization of trading strategy by genetic algorithms and wavelet transform with an Internet application to the Hong Kong stock optionLee, Kai-leung
2009Optimizations of dynamic vibration absorbers for suppressing vibrations in structuresCheung, Yan-lung
2016Optimized switched-capacitor power conversion technology for DC distributionYe, Yuanmao
2018Optimizing aircraft routing of airline and maintenance staffing of maintenance providers using game theoretic modelElsayed Elsayed Eltoukhy, Abdelrahman
2019Optimizing big data systems with non-volatile memories : from graph computing to flash-based SSD arraysHan, Lei
2012Optimizing construction planning and scheduling by virtual prototyping enabled resource analysisChan, Kang Yuen
2017Optimizing extra-low temperature DX systemChen, Zeyi
2018Optimizing flash-based key-value database engine for big data and mobile applicationsShen, Zhaoyan
2018Optimizing load balance in microservice architectureZhang, Xinyan
2013Optimizing NAND flash memory management in resource-constrained embedded systemsQin, Zhiwei
2008Optimizing patrol force utilization by genetic algorithmHon, Wai-ting
1997Optimizing pH adjustment using Smith predictor and fuzzy logic controller in CSTRNg, Chi-fai
2021Optimizing queues with sunk cost fallacyYang, Liutao
2020Optimizing the operating conditions for a combined partial nitrification and anammox system to treat domestic wastewaterJiang, Jie
2015Optimizing the operation and performance of water pumps at a pump stationYang, Yichen
1999Optimizing the transportation cost for an oil and petrochemical companyFung, Lik-chim Louis