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2008Robust and sensorless control of linear switched reluctance motorsZhao, Shiwei
2020Robust control and filtering for systems with state-dependent uncertainties and applicationsLI, Zhengchao
2001Robust control design in AC/DC systemChui, Wing-tak
2014Robust estimation for longitudinal data with informative observation timesLiu, Kin Yat
2005A robust fault detection and diagnosis strategy for centrifugal chillersCui, Jingtan
2016Robust fringe projection profilometryBudianto
2005A robust full-digital drive for linear permanent magnet synchronous motorsTam, Shing-wai Michael
2018Robust nonlinear finite shell element analysis of civil engineering structuresTang, Yiqun
2020Robust optimal design and online optimal control of zero/low energy buildingsLi, Hangxin
2016Robust optimal design of district cooling systems and individual cooling systems considering uncertainty and reliabilityGang, Wenjie
2017Robust optimal design of HVAC systems considering uncertainty and reliabilityCheng, Qi
2019Robust optimisation approaches to airside operations in terminal manoeuvring areasNg, Kam Hung
2009Robust power system stabilizer design by evolutionary algorithmsWang, Zhen
2000Robust PSS design based on probabilistic approachWang, Kewen
2021Robust room-temperature ferroelectric ultrathin chalcogenide layers and van der Waals heterostructuresIo, Weng Fu
2020Robust speaker recognition using deep neural networksLin, Weiwei
2000Robust SVC controller design for enhancing power system stabilityChan, Wai-kwong
2020Robustness of frequentist approach in characterization of soil spatial variabilityWong, Lai Kan
2003The role and function of parent resource centre for people with developmental disabilities : the parent perspectiveMok, Ka-wai
2001Role involvement and role management : a qualitative study of mature Hong Kong women students with families and jobsLuk, Siu-lan Gillian