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1996A study of contemporary abbreviation usage in Hong KongReddel, Suzanne
2005A study of copper thickness distribution in electroplating of printed circuit boardsChow, Hin-tung Tony
1995A study of copper transmission for high speed customer accessLuk, Kwok-sing
1999A study of corporate dividend policies and practices of major Hong Kong companiesChow, Chiu-chi
1999A study of correlation between Theory Y leadership and learning climate within a China mainland organizationNg, Wai-fuk
2003A study of crisis management in Hangzhou's hotelsLu, Erxin Shelly
2000A study of crisis management used by owners of small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong in facing economic crisisLaw, Chui-chui Monica
2007A study of crisis preparation management in Hong Kong companies : the case of bird fluYuen, C. K. Peter
2005A study of customer relationship in financial services industryChow, Wing-ki
2012A study of customization strat[e]gies for online retailing businessesWong Lau, Siu Kuen
2016A study of day lighting environment under different plot ratio/building height restrictions : a case in Hong KongSong, Yuanzhen
2000Study of delamination in IC packagingTse, Kwok-fai
2020Study of demand response potentials of a typical office building in Hong KongTang, Li Juan
2005A study of design knowledge for a multi-national motor manufacturing companyKwok, Shing-lok
2003A study of DNA methylation in endometrial cancers in Chinese femalesLin, Wai-fung
2011A study of document-context models in information retrievalWu, Ho-chung
2007Study of domain structure and evolution in PMN-30%PT single crystals by means of piezoresponse force microscopyWong, Kin-sun
2013Study of doubly-generalized low-density parity-check codesMin, Yue
2014A study of ductile fracture prediction in microforming process : constitutive modeling, numerical simulation and experimental verificationRan, Jiaqi
2015Study of dynamic performance of liquid desiccant dehumidification processLin, Jing