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1999Using GMFM (Gross Motor Function Measure) to assess pattern of motor dysfunction in athetoid and spastic diplegic cerebral palsy childrenWong, Ching-yin
1994Using information technology as an operating strategy for promoting and delivering management development in Hong KongHo, Alfred Sai-pak
2015Using Kinect v2 network for human activity recognition with application for elderly careYu, Xinbo
2012Using Kriging in underground geological profiling : case study in Hong KongChan, Hin Wai
2002Using mathematical models to predict and control the dimensional properties of plain knitted wool fabricsChen, Qihong
2013Using movies to teach English vocabulary : students' and teachers' perceptions of its usefulnessZhang, Yijing Emily
2015Using psychoacoustic analysis to evaluate sound quality of hair-care productXu, Xi
2018Using spinal flexibility to predict the initial in-orthosis correction on the patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisHe, Chen
2002Using texture analysis on biometric technology for personal identificationKong, Wai-kin Adams
2006Using the jigsaw method for enhancing the learning of reading and writing competencies in vocational EnglishWong, Man
2011Utilitarian and hedonic values of shopping experience in Chinese online C2C marketLiu, Fang
2010Utilization and optimization for particle filtering multi-robot SLAMZhong, Junpei
1998Utilization of CAI in secondary education : an Internet courseware to meet the challenge of constructivist model of learningKo, Yee-ha Susanna
2016Utilization of eye care services among people with physical disability in Hong KongChan, Tin Yan Rufina
2015Utilization of fruit waste materials for Cr(III) biosorption and fungal biomass for As(V) biosorptionLam, Yan Yan
2018Utilization of tri-generation technology in a Hong Kong sewage treatment plant for increasing energy efficiencyYuan, Tianpei
2001Utilizing average roundtrip time (RTT) and the local workload p for efficient object-oriented real-time computing over the InternetChiu, Chi-wai
2000Utilizing dry type air scrubber in refuse collection points of Hong KongLau, Siu-kei Dominic
2015Utterance partitioning for supervector and i-vector speaker verificationRao, Wei
2003UV excimer laser and low temperature plasma treatments of polyamide materialsYip, Yiu-wan Joanne