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2019Vibration-based structural damage identification using sparse recovery and sparse bayesian learningHou, Rongrong
2013Vibroacoustic analysis and design of cavity-backed microperforated panel absorbers for environmental noise abatementYang, Cheng
2006Vibrotactile imagery : neural correlates of older adults and patients suffered from strokeChow, Wai-sum Kari
2010Video based location search using SIFT pointsYe, Zhi
1995Video modeling on statistical multiplexer analysisTam, Shue-wing John
2012Video object detection and parameterizationYam, Kin Yi
2018Video object detection/tracking with learning approachWang, Liwen
2019Video style transfer with artistic and photorealistic image style transfer algorithmsLam, Ming Fung
2015Video surveillance over wireless networksZou, Yang
2012Video-based pattern recognition by spatio-temporal modeling via multi-modality co-learningZheng, Haomian
2011Video-Based Product Search ServicesChen, Xin
2011Villagers' perceptions of tourism development in the Kaiping Diaolous (Watchtower Houses), ChinaZhang, Jinye
2014Violent behaviors of persons with schizophrenia : the experiences of male residents of psychiatric halfway houses in Hong KongFong, Fu-fai
1999Virtual 3D sculpturingWong, Pui-yee Janis
2006Virtual garment sewingMa, Liang
2017Virtual land use in China over time and spaceGuo, Shan
2009Virtual prototyping technologies enhanced construction planningHuang, Ting
2005Virtual reality training for stroke rehabilitationLam, Yat-san
2012A virtual reality-based vocational training system (VRVTS) for people with schizophrenia in vocational rehabilitationTsang, Mei-yi
2005Virtual warehouse : a new perspective for SMEs to improve their competitiveness in new millenniumChow, Pak-chun Jacky