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2018Unbundling institutional determinants of innovationChen, Qing
2015Uncertainty analysis, modelling and prognosis for power system operation and planningWan, Can
2002Uncertainty in GIS analysis for landslide hazard assessmentKirk, Philip
2018Uncertainty of plumbing system loading estimationLeung, On Kit
2012Uncertainty-based map matching for land vehicle navigationYang, Cheng
2020Uncertainty-based robust optimal design and control of cleanroom air-conditioning systemsZhuang, Chaoqun
2017Uncertainty-based spatial association rule miningZhang, Anshu
2016The uncommon sense in youth work : a study of practice wisdom in social work relationship with young peopleCheung, Chun-sing Johnson
2015Unconsciously implanted memory in the presence of cholecystokinin retrieved in a behaviorally relevant contextZhang, Zicong
2011Uncovering road network structure through complex network analysisZhang, Hong
2005Uncovering the dark sides of long-term marketing relationshipLaw, Chui-chui Monica
2018Understanding and controlling the non-helmet use behavior of construction workers : an empirical and simulation studyLi, Xiaoying
2018Understanding and modelling of transient air-water flows in urban stormwater drainage system : with a focus on spring-like geyserLi, Fei
1999Understanding community needs assessment from the perspective of frontline social workers in an integrated team for young people in Hong KongChak, Tung-ching
2009Understanding consumer purchasing behaviour regarding luxury fashion-related goods in ChinaGao, Ling
2010Understanding convention attendees' satisfaction and return intentionWang, Xiaoshi
2017Understanding human comprehension and attention in readingLi, Jiajia
2019Understanding human fashion images : a parse-pose based studyZhou, Yanghong
2019Understanding human intention via non-intrusive capturing of interaction and body signalsFu, Yujun
2001An understanding on the struggle for autonomy in heterosexual relationship of deviant girlsHon, Siu-wan