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1997Variable rate code excited linear predictive coding of speechYuen, Siu-keung
2005The variation of dynamic footprint parameters with different gait patternsLaw, Yat-chau
2019The variation of integrin-β1, FAK, ERK on post-burn hypertrophic scars : an implication for pressure therapyZhang, Yuting
2018Vault : an open-source parallel database as a serviceIp, Yat Fung
2011Vector control of induction motor based on DSPFang, Jianmin
1999Vector quantization using quadtree and interpolative techniquesWong, Wing-man
2017Vector-model-based case retrieval approach for improving and expediting optimization in intensity modulated radiotherapyLiu, Sau Fan Eva
2004Vectorial replication of heterogeneous media in a media-on-demand serverChan, Cheok-kuan Steven
2015Vehicle detection and speed measurement using video image sequencesYang, Zi
1994Vehicle licence plate recognition by grey-scale morphologyLau, Man-sheung
2013Vehicle queue effect on the characteristics of air flow, and exhaust scalar dispersion and distribution fields in the vehicle wakeHuang, Jiefeng
2018Vehicle re-identification by fusion of multiple featuresYang, Geng
2017Vehicle-track vertical coupling dynamics on dip-joint and corrugation railsZhang, Linli
2001Vehicular emissions and fuel consumption at urban traffic signal controlled junctionsTong, Hing-yan
2001Vehicular load on bridge deckZhu, Xinqun
1998Vendor evaluation and certification system : a re-engineering perspectiveChan, Sau-fong
1996Vendor evaluation and certification system setup of a buying officeChui, Shuk Ming
2004A vendor managed inventory system for effective inventory control in a plastics molding companyKwong, Chun-man
2010Ventilation control and ventilation performance of multi-zone air conditioning systemsSun, Zhongwei
2007Ventilation design for high-rise residential buildings : building regulation and required innovationLau, Pak-kai