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2003Why transit passengers don't visit Hong Kong?Tang, Shuk-yi Esther
2012Wide area monitoring system and its application on power system low-frequency oscillation suppressionZhang, Peng
2007Wide line detector and its applicationsLiu, Li
1997Will loan sale become popular? : a study on the current status and future development of home mortgage securitization in Hong KongPo, Siu-ling
2003Will shareholding reform improve the performance of banks in China?Zhang, Sisi
2013Will sitting Tai Chi improve eye-hand coordination, sitting balance or the subjective well-being of institutionalized older adults?Lee, Yin Tak Ken
2000The willingness of nurses in setting challenging goals : the influence of organizational factors as moderated by professionalismChan, Po-yin Vivian
2013Willingness to accept seasonal influenza vaccine : a cross-section study of pupil nurses studying in a School of General Nursing at Grantham Hospital in Hong KongLeung, Lai Ching
2012Wind data analysis of a slender supertall structureWang, Bo
2017Wind effects on atrium smoke exhaust by ceiling ventSun, Qian
2011Wind forecast impact on power system operationLam, Sheung-kwan
2001Wind induced vibration of a tall building and its control using linear viscous dampersChan, Wai-kee
2012Wind power forecastingHuang, Chen
2010Wind property and wind response analysis of Guangzhou New TV Tower during typhoonsTan, Yanxiong
2019Wind tunnel experimental study of variable-pitch propeller efficiency for VTOL UAV applicationIp, Shu Chuen Chris
2004Wind-rain-induced vibration and control of stay cables in cable-stayed bridgesWang, Lingyun
2018Wind-resistant hover control and wind field estimation of a VTOL tail-sitter UAVSun, Jingxuan
2010Winning e-commerce strategy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to meet customers' needs in Hong Kong and greater China regionHo, Ka-wing Gavin
1995Wire electrical discharge machining of aluminium-based metal matrix composite materialsChan, Tak-wing
2000Wireless ATM network study and performance analysis of the Dynamic Packet Reservation Multiple Access protocolChung, Kin-ting