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2011The application of electronic portal imaging device for quality assurance of medical linear accelerators in radiation therapyWu, Peng
2011Application of quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm in solving the unit commitment problemLau, Tat-wa
2011Applications of augmented reality during construction stagePan, Jingjing
2011Applying GIS for vehicle emission and dispersion study in Hong KongWu, Jian
2011Assessment of the anatomy and physiology of the thyroid gland of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops aduncus, using ultrasonographyKot, Chin-wing Brian
2011Attitudes of health care workers towards influenza vaccinationChung, Sau-kuen Queenie
2011Audit committee characteristics, family control and earnings management : evidence based on Hong Kong firms after the corporate governance reform in 2004Wong, Ka-lok
2011Automatic breath signal analysis and system design for medical applicationsGuo, Dongmin
2011Bacterial contamination of six high-contact items in dirty operating theatresShum, Ho-yi, Connie
2011Banner advertisement and negative online reviews : an analysis of their interaction in customers' perception of hotel imageChen, Yanbin
2011BER degradation of the PSK/QAM/OFDM modulations due to microscopic fadingDong, Yue
2011A BIM-based Pre-occupancy Evaluation Platform (PEP) for facilitating designer-client communication in the early design stageShen, Weilin
2011Biomechanical assessment of plantar soft tissues in diabetic patients with and without an ulcer historyCheung, Yuen-kui
2011Biometric person authentication with video-based eye trackingTan, Fei
2011Bone density and macrostructure of the radius in patients after chronic stroke : relationship to muscle function and cardiovascular healthCheng, Qun Ada
2011Can Tai Chi improve the balance control of elderly persons with visual impairment?Chen, Wei Ellen
2011Carbon audit for a cluster of commercial buildings : the reliability of the implementation of carbon audit in Hong KongWong, Kong-yiu
2011Carbon nanotube microwave-assisted thermal bonding of plastic micro biochipWong, Lai-pik Jolie
2011Carbon trading policy in ChinaSu, Mi
2011CCD spectrum data acquisition on FPGA and data signal processingHuang, Haiqing