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2014An analysis of social media marketing effect of moviesSun, Bingqiong
2014The analysis of the barriers to 5D BIM practice in China : a transaction costs perspectiveZhou, Lei
2014An analysis of thematic structure in argumentative writing of Chinese undergraduatesZheng, Xiaofan
2014Analysis of wind power forecasting technologiesFeng, Wenting
2014Applicability of the existing public participation models in urban renewalYu, Shing Jack
2014Application of array-comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) in prenatal samples with 15q11-q13 duplicationLi, Kai Man Samuel
2014Application of new technique on the condition assessment of a three-dimensional frame structure under environmental excitationsZhang, Yi Jia
2014An application study on GIS-based indoor location and navigation systemHe, Wei
2014An applicaton study of 3D GIS for visualization and modelingYu, Qian
2014Architecture design of QC-LDPC decoder with cyclicly-coupled codesLu, Qing
2014Assessment and treatment of biomechanical properties of foot and mobility disorder in elderly with type 2 diabetesNg, Ka Wai Thomas
2014Assessment framework for hotel day spa service and facility provision in Hong KongTang, Lai Fun Irini
2014An assessment of a co-existing management model for tourism development in a national parkLy, Tuan Phong
2014Assessment of melatonin and its association with sleep in metabolic syndromeNg, Yue Hum Fantas
2014Assessment of the destination image, brand loyalty, and overall brand equity of three convention tourism destinations in East AsiaMoon, Jayoung
2014Asset-based and capacity-building in postdisaster Sichuan : community social work intervention in rural ChinaMa, Yuna
2014Automated generation of adaptive schematic network mapsTi, Peng
2014The automated road network schematization by using straight and curved linesLi, Chen
2014Automatic incident detection under no-rain and rain conditionsLi, Xiangmin
2014Automatic recognition of drainage patterns in river networks and its application to generalizationZhang, Ling