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2016Antecedents and consequences of eCRM success : a case study of the hospitality industry in ThailandCherapanukorn, Vimolboon
2016Antecedents and outcomes of CSR strategies : three empirical studies in ChinaFan, Yanyan
2016Application of automatic facial expression recognition systems in advertisingYang, Jing
2016The application of building information modeling (BIM) in civil infrastructure projectsMeng, Qiuhan
2016Aptamer selection and clinical application for C-reactive protein (CRP) based on magnetic-assisted rapid aptamer selection (MARAS)Li, Huanhao
2016Aspects on fire detection system for high speed railway systemsDu, Xianpeng
2016Association between plasma leptin, adiponectin and leptin/adiponectin ratio with metabolic syndrome in adult Chinese populationHui, Yat Hang Alex
2016An attempt to become masters : the oral history of Jiangnan Shipyard workers in the 1950sLiang, Jingting
2016Automated recognition of urban areas based on land cover composition and configurationOu, Yang
2016Automatic extraction of lexico-semantic information on shape wordsQuattri, Francesca
2016Becoming a reflective communication design student : perceptions and values of reflection as a learning toolChuah, Chin Kah Peter
2016Big data and advanced analysis for smart grid applicationsHu, Yifei
2016Biochemical and structural studies of p62/SQSTM1 and the beclin1-UVRAG interaction in autophagy and endosomal traffickingWu, Shuai
2016Biomechanical effects of cranio-cervical positions on cervical musculoskeletal disordersRen, Sicong
2016Biomechanical efficacy of knee bracing on joint kinetics and kinematics, postural steadiness and wearing perceptionLiu, Rong
2016Biomechanical study of foot and ankle surgery for surgical interventionWang, Yan
2016Brand sustainability of manufacturing enterprises (MEs) and social enterprises (SEs) in Hong KongTam, Ka Fung Kelvin
2016Bringing the virtual classroom into the physical realm : an investigation on the good practice of mall and its application in the physical language classroomWu, Wing-cze Jacqueline
2016Business process virtualization : an empirical study of performance implications and contextual factors of successHau, Kai Pun Jacky
2016ByteSlice : pushing the envelop of main memory data processing with a new storage layoutFeng, Ziqiang