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2016Carbon based composites for supercapacitor electrodesYang, Qin
2016Catalytic ozonation for textile dyeing wastewater treatment and reuseHu, Enling
2016CEO 创业导向对探索型创新和开发型创新的影响 : CEO 个人能力、公司资源和环境不确定性的调节作用简世雄; Chien, Shih-hsiung James
2016The characterization and source identification of airborne particles in Hong KongGao, Yuan
2016Characterization of biogenic nanobubble for molecular ultrasound imaging and therapyYang, Yaoheng
2016Characterization of focused intravascular transducer for vulnerable plaque diagnosisXu, Yajie
2016Characterizations of the reaction chambers of bombardier beetlesGuo, Zhenbin
2016Chinese feminists and advertisements : identity construction through media consumptionOlivotti, Francesca
2016Client satisfaction with residential services amongst children and adolescents with social and emotional maladjustmentNg, Wing Tung Peter
2016Co-ordination, warehousing, vehicle routing and deliverymen problems of supply chainsWei, Yan
2016Color and color appearance prediction for jacquard woven fabricsChae, Youngjoo
2016Combination of adsorption and catalytic oxidation on removal of formaldehyde in low concentrationZhang, Zhuozhi
2016A comparative study of the English translation of the legal terminologies in Chinese statutory lawsWei, Heng
2016A comparative study on how international tennis players respond to their defeats during press conferences using the politeness theoryYim, Tsz Yan Michelle
2016Comparison of design methods for water supply in high-rise buildings : a multi-method case studyHuang, Jiahuan
2016Comparison of real-time quantitative PCR and droplet digital PCR for HIV viral load quantificationTse, Wing Lam Wynne
2016Compressive behavior of square steel tubes filled with high strength steel-confined concreteZhang, Jian
2016Computational and digital analysis of yarn fabrication, structure and surface appearanceLi, Shengyan
2016Conceptual recombination : a sub-conceptual design theory for cultural product creationHung, Chor Kin
2016Conjugation in escherichia coli : an investigation on plasmid-mediated antimicrobial resistanceYao, Mianzhi