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2017Analyzing the evolution of ship accident research, recurrent accidents and ship's lifespanShin, Sungho
2017The antecedents and consequences of Chinese consumer attitude toward co-branding between high-end fashion designers and luxury hotelsSeo, Jiwon Ava
2017Anti-cancer efficacy of selenium nanoparticles decorated by polysaccharide-protein complex isolated from Pleurotus tuber-regium : cellular uptake and anti-tumor mechanisms on HCT 116 colorectal cancer cellsLiu, Zumei
2017Application in fashion design with chitosan based yarn developmentLam, Ngan Yi Kitty
2017The application of a new simplified hypothesis B method for calculating settlements of clayey soils with creepWu, Xuanyu
2017Application of feedback control system in hazardous wastes incineratorChan, Man Hung
2017The application of the NEC3 contract in Hong Kong construction industryLi, Hung Lam Beatrice
2017Application of warm asphalt rubber as a sustainable paving material : component interaction mechanism investigation and performance characterizationYu, Huayang
2017Applications of halftoning techniques in 3d profilometry and reversible color-to-grayscale conversionXu, Zi-xin
2017Applications of oblique photogrammetry in urban areaXie, Ningkai
2017Appraisal use and construing fear through political speech : a case study of Donald Trump's nomination speechesZhu, Xiaoxiao
2017Appraising and improving the accuracy of smartphone and browser-based delay measurementLi, Weichao
2017Approaches for enhancing the efficiency of organic solar cellsLiu, Shenghua
2017Ascending to the top : what can female executives do to earn respect?Siu, Mei Kuen
2017Assessment of risks and control of airborne transmission of infectious diseases in high-rise residential environmentsWu, Yan
2017Assessment of soil erosion and land degradation at Urumqi based on GIS and remote sensingHailati, Hainaer
2017Audit firm alliances and audit quality : international evidenceLi, Xiao
2017Automatic extraction of indoor objects by using lidar point cloudWang, Ruolei
2017The aversive effects of cough suppressants on neurogenesis and emotional behaviour : chronic exposure to a common active ingredient in cough suppressants causes emotional disturbances through the suppression of adult neurogenesis, and their prevention by wolfberry polysaccharide in ratsPo, Kai Ting
2017Backpulse and backblow cleaning of nanofiber filter loaded with nano-aerosolsHau, Wing Yi Curie