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2018Antecedents and performance outcomes of green innovation adoption : an empirical study of the shipping industryNg, Man Kit Michael
2018Application of dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators on a highly swept delta wingShen, Lu
2018Application of weft-knitted spacer fabrics as absorbent dressings for exuding woundsYang, Yadie
2018Applications and mechanistic studies of direct ionization mass spectrometryWong, Ho Yi
2018The applications of deep learning in robust speaker recognitionTan, Zhili
2018Applications of fiber-optic communication techniques in brillouin scattering based distributed optical fiber sensing systemsGuo, Nan
2018An array of directional sensors (cardioid sensors or figure-8 sensors), diversely orientated but spatially collocated : their beam-patternsNnonyelu, Chibuzo Joseph
2018Assessing industry technology roadmap development processLi, Sinuo
2018Assessing mobile payment for hotel reservations in ChinaSun, Yiyang
2018Assessing the indoor air quality of university toiletsWang, Qiuchen
2018Assessing the security of URL protection mechanisms in appsWu, Guancen
2018Assessing the technological readiness of hotel sales and marketing in upper-upscale and luxury branded hotels : selected cases from hotels in China and South East AsiaLam, Chun-man Carmen
2018Assessment of vibrational non-equilibrium effect on detonationShi, Lisong
2018Atomic view of chalcogenide-based resistance switching memoriesKo, Tsz Wai
2018Automatic information summary and extraction from construction video monitoring systemsChen, Ling
2018A股上市酒店股权结构与经营绩效关系研究余文罡; Yu, Wengang
2018Basic research in wireless inductive power transferHuang, Zhicong
2018A bayesian probabilistic approach for structural damage detectionWei, Yuanhao
2018Behavior and modelling of RC beams with an FRP-strengthened web openingNie, Xuefei
2018Behavior of large-scale hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns subjected to concentric and eccentric compressionXie, Pan