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20222D α-In₂Se₃ under strain and ferroelectric neuromorphic computing applicationsGuo, Feng
20223D-laser-scan-based automated assessment of appearance quality of precast concrete components : a standardized BIM frameworkZhang, Boyu
2022Active bodysuit for adult degenerative scoliosis (ADS)Chung, Wing Yan Claire
2022Advanced anode materials for potassium ion batteries : insertion chemistry and stability explorationDu, Xiaoqiong
2022Advanced control of grid-forming inverters under uncertain operating conditions in AC microgridsLi, Zilin
2022Advanced textile image analysis based on multispectral colour reproductionYao, Pengpeng
2022Advancement of close-proximity (CPX) measurement methodology for tyre/road noiseLi, Dongfang
2022Agent-based distributed real-time optimal control for building HVAC systems implemented on IoT platformsSu, Bing
2022Airfoil tonal noise reduction by means of localized flow-induced panel vibrationArif, Muhammad Irsalan
2022An analysis of intellectual property rights under building information modelling (BIM) standard contracts in Hong KongCheng, Chat Yue
2022Analysis of smartphone images for vision screening of refractive errorsYang, Zhongqi
2022Analytical range query accelerationLi, Zhe
2022Anion hosting graphitic carbon cathodes for dual ion batteryLyu, Linlong
2022Anti-inflammatory activities of exopolysaccharides from a medicinal fungus cordyceps sinensis Cs-HK1 and enhanced by bifidobacterial fermentationLi, Longqing
2022Apparel for wheelchair-bound user in Hong Kong : empirical study of business modelFeng, Qilong
2022Application of machine learning in air-ticket pricing in ChinaChu, Qin
2022Application of momentum potential theory in the study of hypersonic boundary layer instabilitiesLong, Tiehan
2022Assembly-enhanced differentiation of isomers by ion mobility mass spectrometryHan, Dongqi
2022Assessment of human thermal comfort during short-term exposure in hot and humid urban outdoor areasHuang, Taiyang
2022Assessment of thermal energy storage system with PCME as both heat transfer fluid and storage mediumMok, Ching Wah