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  • Author Wang, Zhiyong
    Title 2008 Beijing Olympic games impacts on hotel industry of co-host city Qinhuangdao
    Department School of Hotel and Tourism Management
    Year 2007
  • Author Poo, See Wei
    Title 21st century's Sherlock Holmes : comparative study of BBC's Sherlock and CBS's elementary
    Department Dept. of English
    Year 2014
  • Author Chau, Tsui-shan
    Title 25-hydroxyvitamin D 1α-hydroxylase gene expression : regulation by dietary P and parathyroid hormone
    Department Dept. of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology
    Year 2002
  • Author Wei, Qi
    Title 28-Gbaud 16-QAM transmitter design based on FPGA
    Department Dept. of Electronic and Information Engineering
    Year 2011
  • Author Qiao, Si Joyce
    Title 3D morphology based automatic crater detection on digital elevation models
    Department Faculty of Construction and Environment
    Year 2014
  • Author Xiao, Haibei
    Title 3D numerical analysis of a pile under vertical and lateral loading
    Department Dept. of Civil and Structural Engineering
    Year 2009
  • Author Cheung, Chun Ting
    Title 3D pattern for knitted objects
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2017
  • Author Mak, Tai-wing
    Title 3-D simulation of hydrodynamics and sediment transport in the Pearl River estuary
    Department Multi-disciplinary Studies
    Year 1997
  • Author Chau, Chun-ming
    Title 3D visualization of the IHO standard electronic navigational chart dataset with a marine GIS model
    Department Dept. of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
    Year 2004
  • Author Fung, Kin
    Title Abnormal trading volume reactions surrounding public earnings announcement dates in Hong Kong stock market where substantial/family shareholding is high : implications for policy makers
    Department Dept. of Accountancy
    Year 1999
  • Author Lam, Lui
    Title Academic entrepreneurship
    Department Dept. of Management
    Year 2003
  • Author Chang, Congcong
    Title Academic vocabulary in writing by Chinese EFL learners
    Department Dept. of English
    Year 2014
  • Author Cheung, Chi-ho
    Title Acceleration techniques for on-line transient and dynamic stability assessment
    Department Dept. of Electrical Engineering
    Year 2006
  • Author Li, Tak-chuen
    Title Accessibility of office buildings and exterior environment under the influence of the Disability Discrimination Ordinance
    Department Dept. of Building Services Engineering
    Year 2001
  • Author Ye, Daojun
    Title Accident analyses in Hong Kong : accident blackspot identification, casualty injury severity and before-after analysis
    Department Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Year 2014
  • Author Yu, Sin-ying
    Title Accommodative responses in non-Chinese adults, Chinese adults and Chinese children and their association with myopia development in Chinese children
    Department Dept. of Optometry and Radiography
    Year 2004
  • Author Wen, Yantu
    Title Accounting conservatism and the structure of CEO compensation
    Department School of Accounting and Finance
    Year 2008
  • Author Man, Guanghua
    Title Accuracy analysis of airborne LiDAR data
    Department Dept. of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
    Year 2009
  • Author Chat, Wing-shan Sandy
    Title Accuracy and reliability of the Shin-Nippon SRW-5000 open-field autorefractor, and tonic accommodation and accommodative lag in Hong Kong children from 4 to 8 years of age
    Department Dept. of Optometry and Radiography
    Year 2001
  • Author Wan, Pui-wah Peggy
    Title The accuracy of quantity surveyor's pre-tender estimates for the HousingAuthority building projects
    Department Dept. of Building and Real Estate
    Year 1998

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