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2015Transport and optical characteristics of graphene-based hybrid structure and two-dimensional layered gallium selenideJie, Wenjing
2015Transport network structure : competition and policy implicationsWang, Yujie
2015Tumbler in tidal wave : the professional stance of social workers under managerialismLai, Hung-sing
2015Tunable plasmonic devices in gold/dielectric nanostructuresNg, Ki Fung
2015Ultraviolet protection of knitwear fabricsWong, Wai Yin
2015Uncertainty analysis, modelling and prognosis for power system operation and planningWan, Can
2015Unconsciously implanted memory in the presence of cholecystokinin retrieved in a behaviorally relevant contextZhang, Zicong
2015Understanding the influences of espoused cultural values and faith-in-others on electricity savingKoon, Wai-chee Olivia
2015Understanding the small tourism business owner in historical towns : the change of attitude with destination evolutionWang, Sha
2015User-centric query optimization over web data servicesLi, Yu
2015Using Kinect v2 network for human activity recognition with application for elderly careYu, Xinbo
2015Using psychoacoustic analysis to evaluate sound quality of hair-care productXu, Xi
2015Utilization of fruit waste materials for Cr(III) biosorption and fungal biomass for As(V) biosorptionLam, Yan Yan
2015Utterance partitioning for supervector and i-vector speaker verificationRao, Wei
2015Vehicle detection and speed measurement using video image sequencesYang, Zi
2015Video surveillance over wireless networksZou, Yang
2015Voltage and reactive power control considering smart metering technologies on distribution networksTang, Yu
2015"We" like fair trade products more than "I"? : The impact of self-construal on consumer reactions to fair trade productsSo, Pui Sai Patricia
2015Web GIS application for Hong Kong tourismYau, Eviza
2015Workplace context and its effect on individual competencies and performance in work and project teamsRozhkov, Mikhail