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20181,3-propanediol and caproate co-production through glycerol fermentation and carboxylate chain elongation in mixed cultureLeng, Ling
201421st century's Sherlock Holmes : comparative study of BBC's Sherlock and CBS's elementaryPoo, See Wei
200225-hydroxyvitamin D 1α-hydroxylase gene expression : regulation by dietary P and parathyroid hormoneChau, Tsui-shan
201128-Gbaud 16-QAM transmitter design based on FPGAWei, Qi
20202D ferroelectricity and piezoelectricity for electronic devicesYuan, Shuoguo
2007A 2D variable reluctance planar motorPan, Jianfei
20222D α-In₂Se₃ under strain and ferroelectric neuromorphic computing applicationsGuo, Feng
19973-D simulation of hydrodynamics and sediment transport in the Pearl River estuaryMak, Tai-wing
20213D ear anthropometry and its application in product design for the Chinese populationFu, Fang
2019A 3D GIS-based valuation system for assessing the scenic view in residential property valuationsHuang, Juan
20203D LiDAR aided GNSS positioning and its application in sensor fusion for autonomous vehicles in urban canyonsWen, Weisong
20143D morphology based automatic crater detection on digital elevation modelsQiao, Si Joyce
20093D numerical analysis of a pile under vertical and lateral loadingXiao, Haibei
20173D pattern for knitted objectsCheung, Chun Ting
20233D vehicle positioning with smartphone-based hybrid techniques in urban areasWang, Jingxian
20043D visualization of the IHO standard electronic navigational chart dataset with a marine GIS modelChau, Chun-ming
20223D-laser-scan-based automated assessment of appearance quality of precast concrete components : a standardized BIM frameworkZhang, Boyu
20213D-mapping-aided GNSS real-time kinematics in urban environmentsNg, Hoi Fung
2022Ab initio chemical kinetics and flickering flame dynamics of n-alkane fuel combustionChi, Yicheng