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2009Localized generalization error bound for multiple classifier systemChan, Pak-kei Patrick
2006Localized generalization error model and its applications to supervised pattern classification problemsNg, Wing-yin
2011Localized generalization error model with variable size of neighborhoods and applications in ensemble feature selectionChan, Po-fong
2017Long term research of aerosol optical thickness derived from visibility data in China and a case study of the impact of urbanizationZhang, Zhaoyang
2022Long-term land use land cover change and its impact on ecosystem services : a comprehensive study in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau (GHKM) regionHasan, Sarah
2015A longitudinal study of Chinese high school students learning English based on systemic functional text analysisXuan, Wenhui
2010Low cost carrier-airport relationship development in Southeast AsiaLin, Cheuk-ki Eliver
2019A low cost solution for RFID sensingWang, Yanwen
2007Low numerical dispersion error ADI-FDTD methodsSun, Man-kin
2014Low power organic field effect transistors and inverters with high dielectric constant (high-k) amorphous metal oxideWang, Zongrong
2012Low-voltage organic thin film transistors based on high-k gate insulatorsLi, Jinhua
2014Lower and upper bound limit analyses for stability problems in geotechnical engineeringLi, Dazhong
2014Lower-order penalty methods for nonlinear optimization and complementarity problemsTian, Boshi
2013Luminescent lanthanide metal complexes in biomedical imagingFung, Yuen On Dorothy
2011Luxury hotel brand equity, customer experience, and their antecedents : a study of business travellers in Hong KongXu, Jing Bill
2018Macau as a travel destination : a segmentation approach by greater China visitors' perception and preferencesPang, Wai Ling Loretta
2013Machine learning approaches for visual object detectionSun, Chensheng
2021Machine learning assisted software defect predictionXu, Zhou
2022Machine learning for facial-expression recognitionZhao, Rui
2022Machine learning for image super-resolution in real-world applicationsXiao, Jun