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2010Pricing and long-run performance of IPOs in China : the effects of change in accounting standardPan, Jie
2008Pricing of presale properties with asymmetric informationLeung, Barbara Y. P.; Leung Yuk Ping, Barbara
2022Priming effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) with motor training on a hemiplegic upper limb in patients with chronic strokeHai, Yip Kuen Eddie
2022Priming effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on upper limb motor recovery in people with strokeZhang, Jiaqi
2020Primings and translations: keyword analysis from a corpus-driven approachZhang, Gao
2023Privacy-preserving and robust federated learning on noisy environmentShi, Siping
2023Privacy-preserving data computing and anonymous authentication protocolsYang, Xiaoyi
2022Privacy-preserving query processing based on trusted execution environment and access pattern obfuscation technologiesHan, Ziyang
1999Pro-oxidant : antioxidant balance in health and disease and the role of uric acid in antioxidant defence : analytical and clinical aspectsChung, Wai-yuen
2022Proactive guidance for accurate quadrotor-based UAV landing on dynamic platformChang, Ching Wei
2017Probabilistic graphical modeling for latent feature learningLu, Wei
2022Probabilistic machine learning and Bayesian inference for vibration-based structural damage identificationWang, Xiaoyou
2022Probabilistic projections of hydrologic extremes under a warming climateZhang, Boen
2006Probabilistic robust damping controller designs for FACTS devices and PSSBian, Xiaoyan
2013Probabilistic small signal stability analysis for power systems with plug-in electric vehicle and wind power integrationHuang, Huazhang
2019Probe the ionospheric D region with lightning sferics based on a ray-tracing earth-ionosphere wave guide modelQin, Zilong
2015Problematizing collaboration contexts in innovation management : an empirical study in textile technology developmentKo, Ka Bo Krista
2012Procedural lexical semanticsŠimon, Petr
2011Process characterization and reliability modeling of Rigid-Flex Printed Circuits (RFPCs)Huang, Shiqing
2012A process model for developing content for certification programmes : the case of infection control nurses in Hong KongChan, Wai Fong