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2004Vibration control of stay cables using semi-active magneto-rheological (MR) dampersDuan, Yuanfeng
1998Vibration control of structures with viscoelastic dampersTan, Xiaoming
2002Vibration-based condition assessments of cables in cable-supported bridgesZheng, Gang
2004Vibration-based damage detection of tall building structuresZhou, Xiantong
2021Vibration-based electromagnetic energy harvester : energy performance, vibration control, and frequency tuningCai, Qinlin
2004Vibration-based structural assessment with damage-detection-oriented modelsWu, Di
2019Vibration-based structural damage identification using sparse recovery and sparse bayesian learningHou, Rongrong
2013Vibroacoustic analysis and design of cavity-backed microperforated panel absorbers for environmental noise abatementYang, Cheng
2012Video-based pattern recognition by spatio-temporal modeling via multi-modality co-learningZheng, Haomian
2014Violent behaviors of persons with schizophrenia : the experiences of male residents of psychiatric halfway houses in Hong KongFong, Fu-fai
2006Virtual garment sewingMa, Liang
2017Virtual land use in China over time and spaceGuo, Shan
2009Virtual prototyping technologies enhanced construction planningHuang, Ting
2021Vision based localization and mapping for UAV navigationChen, Shengyang
2021Visit intention to emerging destinations through social media marketing promotion : the case of Saudi ArabiaAlhuqbani, Fahad Mohammed A
2022A visual art intervention molace for enhancing the holistic well-being of older people with stroke in residential care homes : a feasibility studyPang, Chui Ping Phyllis
2018Visual learning of pairwise similarity and relative order relationshipsWang, Faqiang
2021Visual signal processing of the myopic mouse retinaBanerjee, Seema
2022Visual smart navigation for UAV mission-oriented flightDuan, Ran
2009Visualization and classification of the heart sounds of patients with pulmonary hypertensionChen, Jinghan