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2012Wearable body area sensor networks for continuous dynamic health monitoring in daily activities : case study of intelligent footwear systemShu, Lin
2022Wearable electronics based on polyamide fibrous membrane powered by hydrogeneratorYang, Su
2010Web-based data mining and discovery of useful herbal ingredients (WD²UHI)Wong, Ho Kei Jackei
2018'WeChat wants to become the everyday' : an ethno-semiotic study of computerized media, between industries and practices, in Shanghai and Chengdu (2015-2017)Bahroun, Allan
2023What can small and medium-sized independent hotels do to improve revenue management ? An empirical study from China’s hotel industrySun, Li
2019What contributes to the positive outcomes of gospel drug treatment? Insights from the life stories of former drug abusers who turned over a new leafChen, Chau Lin Charlie
2021What determines destination choice of bridal photography tourists?Xu, Di
2020What influence housekeeping supervisors’ intention to stay: the role of occupational identity, perceived occupational status, general self-efficacy and occupational commitmentLau, Kwok Hung John
2018What is academic research in hospitality and tourism management?Chin, Chi Wai David
2008What makes customers discontent with service providers? : an empirical analysis of complaint handling in information and communication technology servicesChan, Chung-yee Hubert
2022What surprises, interests and confuses researchers : knowledge emotions in research articlesWang, Qian
2022What’s in a forced CEO turnover announcement? The cut loss hypothesis on option implied volatilityYiu, Wing Him
2014When migrant factory women return home : their life experiences in fast growing China's hinterlandHan, Yuchen
2019When nurses' moods affect their voice behavior toward managementCheung, Fat Kwong Lawrence
2021Where it works and where is doesn’t? A clinical data-mining study on the effects of residential program for Hong Kong adolescent girls with emotional and behavioural difficultiesPoon, Yuen Ling
2001Whose strange stories? : a study of Herbert Giles' (1845-1935), translation of P'u Sung-ling's 蒲松齡 (1640-1715), Liao-chai Chih-i 聊齋誌異Tong, Man
2018Why airline transit passengers don't participate in tourism visits at transit destinations : an exploratory studyPoon, Chau Min
2016Why are we committed to work and does such commitment pay off? : a cross-cultural investigation of the nomological net surrounding the relative centrality of work of individualsLu, Qing
2022Why do neobanks prosper more in some countries than in others?Xu, Wenjie
2019Why do people travel in luxury? : a means-end investigation of Chinese luxury travelersZhang, Yulan