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2014Construing experience in tourism discourse : a corpus-based study of transitivity systemChen, Jiansheng
2019Construing musical discourses : axial reasoning for a contrastive description of habitual ideational resources in English and Korean, with reflection on translationMacdonald, Kathleen Anne
2019Construing pharmaceutical research : a social semiotic perspectiveZheng, Yaofei
2020Consumer behavior analysis based on smartphone sensory data using mobile augmented reality frameworkYang, Fan
2015Consumers' repurchase intention of luxury goods : examining the relationship among status consumption, need for uniqueness, materialism and affective responseChan, Wing Yin
2022Consumers’ information searching behavior of channel integration for new retailing enterprisesGuo, Shujun
2021Contactless 3D finger knuckle identificationCheng, Ho Man
2018Contactless 3D fingerprint identification and contactless to contact-based fingerprint matchingLin, Chenhao
2013Content-sensitive salient region modelling with applicationsLiang, Zhen
2019A contextual framework for sustainable neighbourhood planning in transitional urban China : a case of Chengdu cityZhang, Qi
2018Continuing professional education in Singapore's hospitality & tourism industry : the disparities between the hospitality and tourism employers and the mid-career mature workersPang, Chee Kong Justin Matthew
2021Continuous clinical assessment : an interpretive description of the experience of mentors and students in pre-registration nursing educationLee, Po Man
2017Continuous-mode single-photon states : characterization, pulse-shaping and filteringDong, Zhiyuan
2022Continuous-time service network design : new models, relaxations, and solution methodsShu, Shengnan
2009Contractor's competitiveness and competitive strategy in Hong KongTan, Yongtao
2003Contractor's environmental performance assessment system (C-EPAS)Wu, Dehua
2010The contribution of early medieval China (AD 220-589) to the travel culture of landscape appreciationYan, Libo
2020Contributions to post-quantum cryptographic techniquesLu, Xingye
2012Control and design for a multi-evaporator air-conditioning (MEAC) systemPan, Yan
2011Control and optimization of dedicated outdoor air-chilled ceiling systems using liquid desiccant dehumidificationGe, Gaoming