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2010Corporate governance and the valuation of R&DTong, Yixing
2020Corporate governance and top management fraud in construction companies: a China studyWang, Ran
2004Corporate governance, board structure and firm performance : evidence from Hong KongLee, Chun-cheung
2016Corporate governance, connected transactions with insiders, and firms' returns : evidence from Hong KongYim, Ka Ho Derek
2011Corporate social responsibilities (CSR) in China : evidence from manufacturing in Guangdong provinceLuo, Shaoling
2018Corporate social responsibility and firm performance : evidence from the Hong Kong stock exchangeWong, Man Hin Raymond
2019Corporate social responsibility engagement and disclosure behaviors in China : a stakeholder perspectivePang, Xue
2018A corpus based computational model of the lexical aspect and viewpoint aspect in ChineseLiu, Hongchao
2019A corpus study of an online cancer support group : how are topics and emotions expressedChan, Ka Wai
2021Corpus-based analysis of lexical bundles in strategic plans of top 50 universities in Asia and the WestIm, Siu Wo
2020A corpus-based comparison of the academic essay writing of British and Hong Kong studentsMorrall, Andrew John
2016A corpus-based genre analysis of corporate annual reports : Sony and PanasonicUrawa, Chie
2021A corpus-based register analysis of Chinese public written announcementsDo, Hue Sang
2021A corpus-based research of Chinese verbal ironyLi, Anran
2017A corpus-based textual analysis of irony and sarcasm in scripted discourseLaszlo, Anna Xenia
2023Corpus-driven study of interpreter’s politeness markers in utterances of Cantonese and EnglishWong, Cecilia Lok Yee
2016A corpus-driven study of speech acts in the Hong Kong corpus of spoken English (HKCSE)Seto, Wood-hung Andy
2021A corpus-driven study on the discursive construction and realisation of U.S. and Chinese CEO biographiesChan, Shou San Susan
2014A correlation study among the orthotic treatment effectiveness, compliance to spinal orthosis and health-related quality of life of the patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) in the initial treatment periodChan, Siu Ling
2011Cortical oscillations and synaptic plasticity : from a single neuron to neural networksLi, Xiumin