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2023Datafied : a critical exploration of the production of knowledge in the age of dataficationLiu, Helene
2006Daylighting performance assessment methods for high-rise residential buildings in a dense urban environmentCheung, Hiu-dan
2000A DBA research thesis on blueprinting as a strategic tool for managing service quality : a study of a retail bank in Hong KongChan, Yiu-wa Victor
2015DC magnetoelectric sensors for electrical monitoring applicationsZhang, Long
2020"Dealing and dwelling with demons, spirits and other beings on the marketplace" : purity, ritual and authorship among Nuosu-Yi scriptural ritualists in contemporary LiangshanKarlach, Jan
2016Debonding failure in FRP-strengthened RC beams : prediction and suppressionFu, Bing
2005Debonding failures in RC beams and slabs strengthened with FRP platesYao, Jian
2010Debt maturity and conservatismZhu, Xindong
2021Decentralized congestion policies : pricing versus (grandfathered) slots in airport networksLang, Hao
2018Decentralized structural damage detection methods under earthquake and ambient excitationsNi, Pinghe
2019Deciphering and optimizing the process of removal and recovery of Pb(II) and Cd(II) from wastewater by biosorbent derived from fruit wasteWang, Qian
2017Deciphering China's urbanization : an approach to resolving urban issues of city size and land-use patternLang, Wei
2021Deciphering information from random speckles via correlation and deep learning as well as its applications in biomedicineLi, Huanhao
2018Decision making factors for pursuit of higher education : a study of Hong Kong hospitality and tourism undergraduate studentsHo, Kei Sze Grace
2013Decision model for developing concentrated rural settlement in post-disaster reconstruction : a study in ChinaPeng, Yi
2019Decision of patients with chronic back pain for spinal surgery : an exploratory studyLam, Wing-kuen William
2004A decision rule-based forecasting model for tourism demand : an application and comparisonGoh, Ka-leng Carey
2017The decision to move, location choice and housing market segregation in Hong KongHou, Tianya
2021Decoding emotions in social media : a linguistic analysis of implicit emotions and eventsLau, Yan Ping Helena
2001Deconstructing Hong Kong fashion system : globalisation and cultural identity of fashion in Hong KongLing, W. S. Wessie