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2022Ab initio chemical kinetics and flickering flame dynamics of n-alkane fuel combustionChi, Yicheng
2022Abnormal accounting growth and analyst forecastsZhai, Weihuan
2016Absorbent fibers manufactured from polyacrylonitrile and silkLee, Ka I
2020Abused but not bruised : newcomer reactions to abusive supervisionZhou, Yaxian
2007AC to DC conversion improvement techniques in switching converters and their applicationsLiu, Chui-pong
2016Academic satisfaction in hospitality and tourism education in Hong Kong : the influence of active learning, academic motivation and student engagementChau, Shuk-mun Salott
2023Acceleration of ultrasonic wave propagation modelling using spectral elements and multi-processing unit-based parallel computingLi, Feilong
2024Acceptance and commitment therapy for promoting psychological well-being among new graduate nurses : a pilot randomized controlled trialLam, Ching Yee
2012Accounting conservatism : effect of contract incompleteness, moral hazard and board gender diversityZhou, Gaoguang
2002Accounting for bridge dynamic loads using moving force identification system (MFIS)Yu, Ling
2023Acculturation and food tourism in VietnamNguyen, Cong Minh
2010An accurate and robust indoor localization systemChan, Chun-lun Eddie
2020Accurate deformation isolation in MTInSAR: parameter modeling and estimationLiang, Hongyu
2014Accurate iris recognition at-a-distance and under less constrained environmentsTan, Chun Wei
2001Acetone-induced photodegradation of organic dyes in the presence of hydrogen sourceTsui, Sui-mei Shadow
2023Achieving even frosting on the outdoor coil along the airflow direction in a space heating air source heat pump for improved energy efficiency and occupant thermal comfortBai, Xiaoxia
2016Achieving integrity : a study of the stories of six social work teachers in Mainland China on their identity formationFok, Siu Ling
2021Achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) : sustainable supply chain management in the fashion industryCai, Yajun
2023Achieving sustainable development goals in Pakistan : focusing on energy sustainability in multi-sectoral approachMehmood, Aamir
2019Acid/base catalytic conversion of polysaccharide-rich food wasteChen, Si