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2003Validating a unit-based learning progress report as an alternative method of progress assessment for distance learners in higher educationNiu, Jian
2013Validation of an instrument for measuring the emotional intelligence of adolescent in Hong KongKo, Suk Lan Flora
2023Validation of CT-identified intracranial arterial calcification as a novel imaging biomarker for reperfusion therapy of ischemic stroke patients : serial hospital-based clinical researchDu, Heng
2018Valorisation of carbohydrate-rich food waste for synthesis of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)Yu, Ka Ming
2022Valorising polysaccharide-rich waste into value-added chemicals in green solventsDutta, Shanta
2007A valuation model of research and development investments and expendituresPun, Po-ping Betty
2021Value co-creation in mobile payment : analysing destination stakeholders through means-end chain approachTangit, Tania Maria
2018Value co-creation through ICT-facilitated service in hotelsLei, Sut Ieng
2007A value management framework for systematic identification and precise representation of client requirements in the briefing processYu, Tit-wan Ann
2017The value of fashion photography in the culture of social mediaChoi, Sau Wai Athena
2021Value relevance of earnings and cash flows - a revisitCao, Xun
2017The value systems of player and their relation to in-game behavior in a massively multiplayer online role-playing gameWang, Chaoguang
2018Value-added recycling of construction waste wood into eco-friendly cement-bonded particleboardsWang, Lei
2012Vancomycin intermediate-resistant Staphylococcus aureus : characterization of resistance development, detection and treatment strategiesDoddangoudar, Vijaya Chandranna
2022Variation of orthokeratology lens treatment zone (VOLTZ) studyGuo, Biyue
2022Variations in tumor delineation and quantification on 18F-PSMA-1007 PET/CT for radiotherapy planning of prostate cancerLau, Yu Ching
2017Vector-model-based case retrieval approach for improving and expediting optimization in intensity modulated radiotherapyLiu, Sau Fan Eva
2013Vehicle queue effect on the characteristics of air flow, and exhaust scalar dispersion and distribution fields in the vehicle wakeHuang, Jiefeng
2018Vehicle re-identification by fusion of multiple featuresYang, Geng
2001Vehicular emissions and fuel consumption at urban traffic signal controlled junctionsTong, Hing-yan