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2011Theoretical analysis of effects caused by mixing proportion on plume potentialZhao, Le
2012A theoretical and experimental study on the performance of an air-to-air total heat exchangerChow, Chi Fung Taylor
2018Theoretical chemical kinetics of atmospheric reactions with near-zero and negative barriersChow, Ka Chun Ronald
2007A theoretical model for the direct evaluation of daylighting performance in a space under cloudy sky conditionLuk, Ho-wai
2004Theoretical simulations of debris flow and their applications to hazard mapping using GISLo, Kwok-hung
2000Theoretical study and experimental evaluation of domestic burnerKwok, Arving
2020Theoretical study of Lorentz non-reciprocal cylinder gratingsWong, Wai Chun
2017Theoretical study of nonlinear and non-hermitian electrodynamics in chains of plasmonic nanoparticlesMok, Tsz Chung
1994A theoretical study on the nonlinear analysis of space trussesNg, Wai-hong
2017Theoretical understanding on the formation mechanism of two dimensional materialsQiu, Lu
2008The theory of planned behavior and nurses' intention to using personal protective equipment in Hong KongNg, Tan-tan
2002Therapeutic efficacy of exercise intervention in chronic stroke individuals : Tai Chi against conventional physical trainingWong, Hiu-po Chris
2015"There is no escape the daily grind" :everyday lore of Chinese gamersZhang, Ge
2000The thermal and electrical properties of carbon black/liquid crystalline polymer compositesLo, Kwan-leong
1999Thermal and mechanical properties of a ferroelectric copolymer P(VDF/TrFE)Hui, Ngai-man
2009Thermal and power behaviors of semi-transparent single-glazed photovoltaic (PV) window for office buildings in Hong KongLaw, Kin-man
2019Thermal comfort and perception in an urban street canyon during winter in Hong KongChu, Wing Ka
2018Thermal comfort evaluation of a university library in transition seasonZheng, Kang Hong
2010Thermal comfort in air-conditioned environment with thermal radiationCheung, Pak-ho
2017A thermal comfort study of bed-based task/ambient air-conditioning systemLi, Wai Lok