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2010D-miner : discovering potential young drug abusersZhao, Guangyu
2014D.H. Lawrence's writing style in oudour of chrysanthemums : a linguistic studyZhou, Junjun
2019Daily variability of ridership and its relationship with rainfall : evidence from a dockless bike-sharing systemChen, Yuanyang
2021Damage detection and localization for train axles based on quasi-surface wavesZhang, Yuanman
2000Damage detection of structure based on neural networkHowe, Wing-chi David
2022Damage-associated molecular pattern S100A4 : a potential adjuvant for mucosal immunizationLam, Ka Wai
2015Dansyl-conjugated beta-lactam antibiotic as a fluorescent drug-based sensor for beta-lactamase detection and in vitro drug screeningYip, Chun Yin Karl
2018The dark side of earnings response coefficient : the role of ERC in future stock crash risk predictionXie, Si
2017Data center technology and managementLau, Kin Sun
1998Data collection and analysis of settlement characteristics of reclamation in Hong KongChan, Yip-kin
1993Data communication with wireless networkFung, Wai-keung Patrick
1994Data conversion, updating and integration of lis data in a CAD systemLaw, Shui-yin Jane
1993Data exchange in computer system for building teamChow, Kwok-hung
1997Data mining for the development of a fuzzy rule based query systemCheung, Alan Chun-lun
2006Data mining for VOD service consumption features researchXia, Jinguang
2011Data mining in soccer matchLiu, Zhen
2003A data model for complex road network for vehicle navigation systemsHo, Sau-man Berlina
2007Data stream mining : techniques and applicationsWang, Gang
1999A data warehouse design for university information systemsTong, Suet-fan
1999Data warehousing support for mobile environmentLee, Chi-keung Ken