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2023Effectiveness of chest wall mobilization program in improving respiratory function in patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : a randomized controlled trialTsui, Ying Yu
2018The effectiveness of combination of low frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and structured physiotherapy training program on restoring upper extremity function for patients after strokeLuk, Ka Yan
2023The effectiveness of educational intervention in improving healthcare professionals’ knowledge and recognition towards elder abuseWong, Wing Yan
2008The effectiveness of immediate physiotherapy intervention for patients with acute non-specific low back pain in an accident and emergency departmentLau, Mo-yee
2017Effectiveness of perceptual learning in reading rehabilitation for patients with parafoveal retinal lesions : a paradigm in diabetic macular oedema (a pilot randomized controlled trial)Huang, Yeung Chi
2012The effectiveness of virtual reality exercise for improving balance control, reducing fall risk and incidence among the frail elderly with a history of fallsTung, Ka Kei
2023The effectiveness of Zentangle drawing using telehealth mode on university students : a randomized controlled trialCheng, Kai Nam
2019Effects of a continuous professional education programme utilising facebook on dementia knowledge and care : a pilot randomised controlled trialChan, Sau Yi
2023The effects of a nurse-led mHealth program for symptom self-management of breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in Shanghai : a randomized controlled pilot studyShi, Nuo
2020The effects of auricular therapy on lactation : a preliminary studyChen, Li Sha
2021Effects of direct and indirect intergenerational contact on young people’s attitude, prosocial intention, and prosocial behaviour towards older peopleKwong, Nga Lai
2021The effects of forest bathing (forest therapy) and diaphragmatic deep breathing exercise on pre-hypertensive and hypertensive adults in Hong Kong : a quasi-experimental feasibility studyYau, Ka Yin
2012Effects of home-based transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TES) combined with task-related trunk training (TRTT) in improving sitting balance and trunk control in patients with strokeChan, Kin Shing Bill
2010The effects of pre-ischemia meridian high-voltage electrical stimulation on reducing infarction in cerebral ischemia-reperfused ratCheng, Tse-wai
2023Effects of prism adaptation on left and right unilateral neglect in patients with subacute stroke : a randomized controlled trialFeng, Danling
2021The effects of storytelling with or without social contextual information regarding eye gaze and visual attention in children with autistic spectrum disorder and typical development : a randomized, controlled eye-tracking studyTang, Yu Fung
2010Effects of two kinds of green tea (Loongjin and screw-shaped green tea) on DNA damage and protectionHan, Kam-chu
2022The efficacy of hypnotherapy for people with depression : a pilot studyLau, Hiu Ying
2015Empirical analysis of body constitution and food intake in persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus from a perspective of traditional Chinese medicineWong, Yee Chi Peggy
2018Enhancing nursing students' competence through simulation-based health assessment (SBHA) programmeWong, Suet Lai