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1997The effect of glossing on L2 comprehension and vocabulary learning : an experimental studyLeung, Siu-hong
1995The effect of mode of presentation in the testing of listening comprehensionKasten, Keven Sterling
2020The effect of task-based online group work on foreign language anxietyZhou, Lin
2018The effectiveness of different captioned movie genres on learning phrasal verbs: a case study of a group of secondary school form 4 students in Hong KongLoy, Yue-man Charles
2017The effectiveness of incidental acquisition of morphological knowledge in adolescent second language learners in Hong KongCheung, Yuk-ching Serina
2015The effectiveness of synthetic phonics teaching on young students' English reading and spelling ability : an action research case study of a primary one class in Hong KongTam, Siu Ying Margaret
2000Effects of store music on the behaviour of fashion shoppersLi, Tak-nga Kathy
2016English idioms acquisition by Chinese young learners through conceptual metaphor approachPan, Xie Molly
2016English textbooks in Hong Kong and in Chinese Mainland : a comparative analysis of new way to English and go for it in terms of TBLTDeng, Lan Amanda
2020English-Mandarin code-switching of children in extracurricular online EFL classroomsMeng, Yangu
1996Ethical decision-making of social worker in family casework setting of the Soical Welfare DepartmentLai, Yuk-king Lorita
2001The evaluation of the 'Discourse and Management' moduleChan, Pak-kit Mono
2001An evaluation of the relationship between the mission statement and the identityHo, Y. W. Dara
2001An evaluation of the vocational English programme (written English) for foundation diploma students (business stream)Li, Wing-chi Angie
2016Evaluative language in editor product reviews of search products vs experience productsChan, Po Ling Pauline
1996Ex-mental patients' motivation to participation in psychiatric rehabilitation programsYam, Mun-ho
1996An examination of the wives' attributions to their spouses' extra-marital affairsSiu, Kin-heung
1996Examining the implementation of the supported teaching practice in the English section of the Northcote campus : a managing change perspectivePang Lam, Yuen-hing Lucy
1998An exploration into the clients' experiences in the process of premature termination in the outreaching social work service in Hong KongJim, Sek-chu Ivy
1996An exploration of guessing patterns of the college students with varied English proficiencyChan, Steve Tai-fuk