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2002Biomechanical and biological consequences of cyclic compression on intervertebral disc : an in-vivo rat-tail modelChing, Tak-shing Congo
2001Biomechanical and electromyographic analyses of muscle strengtheningLaw, Ka-yee Rainbow
2016Biomechanical effects of cranio-cervical positions on cervical musculoskeletal disordersRen, Sicong
2008Biomechanical effects of load carriage on spine curvature and proprioceptionWang, Xinguang Chris
2002Biomechanics of upper extremities during manual wheelchair maneuversLam, Wai-nga
2015Biosensor development based on class C beta-lactamaseLiu, Sze Yan
1998Biosorption of toxic heavy metals by fungal biomassLam, Kim-hung
2007Block-based motion estimation algorithms for video coding applicationsKam, Yan-ho
2023Blockchain applications beyond cryptocurrencyLau, Wang Fat
2002Bolted moment connections in cold-formed steel beam-column sub-framesWong, Man-fai
2011Bone density and macrostructure of the radius in patients after chronic stroke : relationship to muscle function and cardiovascular healthCheng, Qun Ada
2007Brain activation in the auditory processing of Cantonese rhymes in native Cantonese speakers using functional magnetic resonance imaging : an event related studyLee, Wing-kit
2014Brain mechanism underlying Iowa gambling task : an fMRI studyMa, Shuangye
2013Brain-computer interface (BCI) for stroke rehabilitation : effects of optimal electrode channel selection and tactile feedback in chronic stroke patientsTam, Wing Kin
2017Brainwave-based and motion-based human computer interface for disabled peopleLau, Shiu Fung
2006Broadband wave reflection by fluid-plate interactionHan, Jun
2020The BSDE solvers for high-dimensional PDEs and BSDEsDeng, Jie
1998Buckling of T-section transition ringbeams in elevated steel silos and tanksChan, Fong
2006Built-in self-test devices and structures for mixed signal integrated circuitsZhang, Yubin
2016ByteSlice : pushing the envelop of main memory data processing with a new storage layoutFeng, Ziqiang