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2010B-site cation mixed multiferroic perovskite materialsSuen, Wai-ping
2017Backpulse and backblow cleaning of nanofiber filter loaded with nano-aerosolsHau, Wing Yi Curie
2008Barium zirconate titanate thin films for tunable microwave applicationsYun, Pan
2005The bawdy bard in China : a study of the translation of Shakespeare's sexually and scatologically suggestive languageTien, Yuk Sunny
2021A Bayesian comparison in Stan and NIMBLE by trimmed mean regressionZhang, Lulu
2023Be open or overwhelmed? How CEOs’ exposure to multiple institutional logics shapes strategic responses to shareholder activismLi, Canquan
2014Behavior of chitosan immobilized CdS nanocrystals with various crosslinking and drying treatments in textile dye photodegradationSzeto, Wai
2014Behavior of FRP-confined self-compacting concreteFang, Xiaoliang
2013Behavior of large-size FRP-jacketed circular and rectangular reinforced concrete columnsZhang, Yue-xin
2003Behavior-based robot navigation using ultrasonic sensor array and neuro-fuzzy techniquesWong, Wing-yu
2010Behind the curtain walls : lifeworlds of migrant construction workers in BeijingLeung, Hoi-shuen
2012Between the traditional and the modern : image representations of women in Hong Kong and mainland China TV commercialsChung, Man Kwan
2003Biodiversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) in Guangdong province and their roles in plant phosphorus acquisitionWong, Yuen-ha
1999Biodiversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with Machilus species in Hong KongZhao, Yunzhe
2019A bioinspired eco-friendly plant protein-based porous nanofibrous aerogels for multifunctional applications in water purification and oil/water separationWei, Xueqin
2002Biological nitrous oxide production from landfill operationLee, Chun-man
1999Biological reactor for odorous fatty acids treatmentTam, Chung-yuen
2001Biomechanical analyses of the load at the apical vertebra, postural balance, and gait for subjects with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisLao, Lai-mio Miko
2002Biomechanical and biological consequences of cyclic compression on intervertebral disc : an in-vivo rat-tail modelChing, Tak-shing Congo
2001Biomechanical and electromyographic analyses of muscle strengtheningLaw, Ka-yee Rainbow