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1998Cache consistency management in mobile distributed environmentChan, Yat-leong Boris
2009CAMPUS : a middleware for automated context-aware adaptation decisions at run-timeWei, Jingyuan
2011Can Tai Chi improve the balance control of elderly persons with visual impairment?Chen, Wei Ellen
2001Cantonese speech recognitionLam, Yan-yan
2009Capacitance effect on spin-torque oscillators with thermal fluctuationGuan, Bo
2017Capacity allocation of liner ships when considering strategically throwing away cargoesFu, Jinjin
2011Carbon nanotube microwave-assisted thermal bonding of plastic micro biochipWong, Lai-pik Jolie
2004Carotenoid production by phaffia rhodozyma with industrial waste as substrateCheung, Wai-pik
2001Catalytic C-H bond activation with ruthenium complexes, and their reactivities toward terminal alkynesMak, Chi-chuen Donald
2003Cation-pi interactions in Ag(I)-substituted aromatic complexes : an Ab initio molecular orbital studyLee, Ho-man
2021Cellular stiffness regulates metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma through JNKWang, Junfan
2023Cellulosic FDM 3D printing flexible material for apparelWong, Yui Yiu
2012Change in bone density, geometry and bone strength index of the radius and tibia in chronic stroke survivorsYang, Zhen Hui
2022Channel function of CFTR in bone cells for microenvironment homeostasisZhang, Xiaotian
2011Chaotic oscillator based artificial neural network with LiDAR data for wind shear and turbulence forecasting and alertingKwong, Ka-ming
1998A character decomposition approach to offline handwritten Chinese character recognitionIp, Wai-shun Wilson
2007Characterisation and application of nano-scale fibre particlesCheng, Yin-fa
1998Characterisation of aerosols in Hong Kong with an emphasis on a non-urban site, Cape D'aguilarCheng, Kai-kei
2020Characterisation of anaerobic digester microbiome in various operating conditions using next-generation and third-generation sequencing technologiesLam, Yu-chung
1999Characterisation of defects in hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin filmHo, Wai-yin