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2010Experimental study on the interface behavior between unsaturated completely decomposed granite soil and cement groutHossain, Md. Akhtar
2008Experimental study on the stress-strain-strength behaviour of a Completely Decomposed Granite soil and a geofoamKumruzzaman, Md.
2018Exploiting software-defined networks : DoS attacks and security enhancementGao, Shang
2019Exploiting the potential of wind turbines to provide frequency supportLiu, Xiaoge
2021Exploration of molecular mechanism of the retina agingLi, Rong
2019Exploration of regioselective cyclization of dioxazolones and carbonylhydrazones by transition metal-mediated C-H bond activation and development of metal-free photocatalytic radical coupling of α-diazoacetatesChan, Chun Ming
2023Exploration of site-selective carbon(sp3)- nitrogen cross-coupling reactions by Ru(II)-catalyzed γ-selective amidation of methylene C-H bonds of alkenes with sulfonyl azides and 1,4,2-dioxazol-5-ones and Cu-catalyzed hydrogenative cross-coupling of α-diazocarbonyl compounds and O-benzoyl hydroxylaminesYeung, Yiu Wai
2022An exploration of the factors and needs associated with the development of a palliative care programme into the Palestinian healthcare system from different key stakeholders’ perceptionsAbu-Odah, Hammoda M. M.
2012Exploration of α-diazocarbonyl compounds for transition-metal catalyzed carbon-carbon bond formations : development of palladium-catalyzed stereoselective synthesis of trisubstituted alkenes and the synthesis of quaternary α, α-heterodiaryl carboxylic acids by rhodium -catalyzed multi-component coupling reactionsTsoi, Yuk Tai
2020An exploration on the roles of design to create shared value as an integrative social and business innovation processKim, Kyulee
2023Exploration strategies for high-quality indoor mapping using autonomous mobile robots (AMR)Eldemiry, Amr Mostafa Osman Yasin
2011An exploratory study into the meaning of phantasmal destination and the phenomenon of phantasmal tourism through the grounded theory method : the case of Shangri-la of Yunnan, ChinaGao, Bo Wendy
2016An exploratory study of the subjective traumatic school bullying experiences of adolescent victims who have later developed early psychosisWong, Mei Kwan Rosetta
2017An exploratory study on finger knitting-facilitated therapyYao, Mei Yu
2016An exploratory study on knowledge quality through the peer review process for research publicationsSabetzadeh, Farzad
2004An exploratory study on the subjective experience of Schizophrenia from a non-representative sample of 12 Chinese with Schizophrenia in Hong KongChan, Yue-kuen Estella
2020Exploring creative metaphors in video ads: manifestation, uses, and effectivenessPan, Xie
2007Exploring destination competitiveness from a social development perspective : evidences from Southeast AsiaMena, Miguela Monica Maniago
2011Exploring effect of medium coupling on ultrasonic lamb waves in engineering structures and synthesised soft tissue-bone phantomsChen, Jiangang
2023Exploring efficient feature extractor and label assigner for object detectionLi, Shuai