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2018Investigation on potential, performance and policy of feasible solar PV technologies in buildings in Hong KongSong, Aotian
2015Investigation on shape-controlled synthesis of nanoscale composites and their applicationsLin, Mei
2022Investigation on superhydrophobic micro/nano-structured surfaces fabricated by ultraprecision machining and hydrothermal synthesis for self-cleaning and corrosion resistanceFu, Yexiang
2023Investigation on the aero-acoustic behaviour of orifice under grazing flow and design of compact microperforated panel absorbers for ducted systemLi, Ying
2006An investigation on the coagulation and deposition of combustion particles in an enclosed chamberSchnell, Marc-Alexander
2015Investigation on the effectiveness of two different therapeutic exercise programs in patients with chronic mechanical neck pain : a randomized controlled trialLaw, Yuk Hung Ellis
2006An investigation on the factors affecting young Chinese consumers' decision-making behaviour towards casual wear purchaseKwan, Chui-yan
2017Investigation on the growth and characterization of Tin Sulfide 2D thin filmsWang, Shifeng
2015Investigation on the growth of SnS thin films and the fabrication of SnS heterojunctionsWang, Wei
2021Investigation on the interaction of a shock and a liquid droplet with and without a vapor cavity insideLiu, Yao
2017An investigation on the metallurgical process and deformation mechanism of a novel resource-saving duplex stainless steel (DSS)Wan, Jianquan
2019Investigation on the superplastic hot working of Mg-Li alloys for fabrication of complex structuresYang, Haopeng
2018Investigation on the WS₂ thin film growth and device fabricationYu, Yang
2019Investigation on thermal performance enhancement of self-rotating twisted tapes in a double-pipe heat exchangerZhang, Shaojie
2001Investigations into the use of energy storage in power system applicationsLeung, Ka-kit
2020Investigations of the atmospheric oxidative capacity with chemical ionization mass spectrometry and chemical box modelWang, Weihao
2021Investigations of the mechanical relaxation of glasses at high temperaturesWang, Jianbiao
2020Investigations on direct ethylene glycol fuel cells using hydrogen peroxide as oxidantPan, Zhefei
2010Investigations on prescription parameters of an ankle-foot orthosis for patients with chronic-stroke hemiplegiaKobayashi, Toshiki
2008Investigations on temporal-oriented event-based extractive summarizationWu, Mingli