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2023Machine learning based methods for tree species classification from handheld LiDAR dataWang, Meilian
2022Machine learning for facial-expression recognitionZhao, Rui
2023Machine learning for human activity analysis and recognitionLiu, Tianshan
2022Machine learning for image super-resolution in real-world applicationsXiao, Jun
2022Machine-aided online user engagementsLu, Zexin
2009Magnetic and electrical properties of transition-metal-doped oxide thin filmsLam, Ching-yee
2018Magnetic field assisted ultra-precision machining for improving machinability of titanium alloysYip, Wai Sze
2011Magnetic levitation based on switched reluctance actuatorSun, Zhengang
2017Magnetic negative stiffness damper and its application to stay cablesShi, Xiang
2023Magnetism and spin transport in heavy metal/ferrimagnetic insulator multilayersLiang, Jingming
2018Magneto-caloric effect of fe-based metallic glasses at room temperatureGuo, Daoqin
2013Magnetoelectric effect as a function of lattice coupling and microstructure in ferroelectric/magnetostrictive compositesSun, Li
2018Magnetoelectric sensors based on magnetic field gradient techniqueZhang, Mingji
2012Magnetoelectric smart current sensors for wireless condition monitoring applicationsLeung, Chung Ming
2006Make my boss happy : perceived work performance, supervisor-attributed motives, feedback-seeking behavior, leader-member exchange, and objective work performanceLam, Kwok-yee Wing
2015The making of competent graphic designers in Hong Kong : the transitional period from academia to professional practiceCheung, Pun Sin Benson
2018The making of sustainable cultural and creative clusters in Hong KongTsang, Ka Man
2016Making sense : from word distribution to meaningSantus, Enrico
2013Making sense of 'semi civil society' : a case study of Nu River anti-dam movement in ChinaZhou, Hang
2013Making the most of bits : efficient protocols for monitoring large RFID systemsBu, Kai