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2017Proximal algorithms with extrapolation for nonconvex nonsmooth optimization problemsWen, Bo
2005Proxy servers for Internet multimedia streamingCheuk, Wai-kong
2021Psychological first aid training of nurses for disaster preparedness : a non-equivalent control group studySaid, Nizar B. M.
1999Psychophysical and electrophysiological investigation of age-related variations in vernier acuityLi, Roger Wing-hong
2015Psychosocial correlates of treatment fears among young psychotropic substance abusers in Hong KongChung, Yee Ha Yida
2001Psychosocial dimensions in caring : the lived experience of parents after the birth of children with cleft lip and/or palateChow, Lai-wan Filomena
2019Pterostilbene, a natural phytochemical, ameliorates fatty liver disease in in vitro and in vivo modelsNg, Yam Fung
2018Public health and risk communication : the experience of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic and the swine influenza pandemicCheung, Man Ying Germaine
2018Public health education through posters in two world cities : a multimodal corpus-based analysisZhang, Peijia
2018Public interest and sensemaking : how social activists make sense of their engagementRuelle, Olivier Herve
2024Push the limit of acoustic sensing techniques for finer HCICheng, Haiming
2021Pyrochlore type lanthanoid oxides as novel oxygen ion conductions for applications in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)Sun, Mingzi
2016Pyroptosis : an alternative programmed cell death in dengue virus (DENV) infectionCheung , Ka Tik
2010QFD-based curriculum planning for vocational educationChan, Yin-ping
2013Qi-ju design knowledge : an historical and methodological exploration of classical Chinese texts on everyday objectsTang, Weichen
2003Qualitative bond graph approach to intelligent supervisory coordinatorLo, Chi-hang
2020Quality control methods in sequential data assimilation system and applications in short-term traffic flow forecastingWang, Runjie
2020Quality function deployment optimization from game-theoretic and fuzzy perspectivesMiao, Yunwen
2015Quality of services and user experience in wireless vehicular internet accessZhang, Chisheng
2021Quality of transmission estimation and parameter monitoring techniques for next-generation optical networksLu, Jianing