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2022Towards the understanding of railway flange squeal : phenomenon, mechanism, and hybrid model-enabled global sensitivity analysisLuo, Yunke
2011Towards understanding, improving and securing BitTorrent protocol and systemLuo, Jiaqing
2003A traffic flow simulator for driver information systemXu, Gang
2017Traffic induced vibrations in two-and-a-half dimensional frameworkLuo, Weili
2001Traffic modeling and bandwidth estimation for variable bit-rate (VBR) video transmissionPoon, Wai-chung
2021Transcranial direct current stimulation as an adjunct to cognitive training for older adults with mild cognitive impairmentCruz Gonzalez, Pablo
2010Transfer of retail management know-how to ChinaLiu, Yaping Laura
2023Transformation of aromatic hydrocarbons and formation of oxygenated volatile organic compounds at a regional background site in the PRD region : insights from field study to chamber experimentsYuan, Qi
2023Transformer-based textual out-of-distribution detection : methods and analysisZhan, Liming
2021Transforming existing urban housing estates into age-friendly communities in China : a multi-agent platform for the briefing stageXiang, Liqun
2023Transforming to eudaimonia via sparking journeys : an embodied approachXu, Wenqing
2022Transient analysis and protection design for power distribution line systems against lightning using a hybrid PEEC-MTL methodCao, Jinxin
2015Transient stability constrained optimal power flow with renewable energy uncertaintiesXia, Shiwei
2008Transient stability-constrained optimal power flow using improved differential evolution and parallel computingCai, Huarong
2019Transient wave behavior in water pipes with non-uniform blockagesChe, Tongchuan
2022Transient wave characterization and utilization for viscoelastic pipe analysis and diagnosisPan, Bin
2023Transient wave-leak interaction analysis in water supply pipelinesZhang, Ying
2014Transition metal catalyzed carbon-hydrogen bond functionalizations for aromatic carbon-nitrogen bond formation : development of palladium-catalyzed intermolecular amidation of anilides and benzoic acids and rhodium-catalyzed direct aryl C-H amination using N-chloroaminesNg, Ka Ho
2021Transition metal-based electrocatalysts for efficient water splitting and its self-reconstruction mechanismZhai, Lingling
2016Transition metal-catalyzed oxidative C-H bond functionalization reactionsYuen, On Ying