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2023Towards efficient tiny machine learning systems for ubiquitous edge intelligenceZhou, Qihua
2020Towards enabling shape memory ceramics : considerations for stress concentration optimisation through additive manufacturingRaut, Virag Sanatan
2024Towards interactive information seeking : conversational question answeringLi, Yongqi
2022Towards laying the foundation of firmware analysisJiang, Muhui
2018Towards least-constrained human identification by recognizing iris and periocular at-a-distanceZhao, Zijing
2023Towards lightweight and efficient network design for image super-resolutionZhang, Xindong
2012Towards migrating user applications to the cloudLai, Kunfeng
2014Towards more trustworthy trust-based systems for anonymity and web securityZhou, Peng
2019Towards multisemiotic literacy : constructing explanations in secondary science classroomsHe, Qiuping
2021Towards privacy protection in the era of adversarial machine learning : attack and defenseZheng, Huadi
2017Towards property valuation accuracy : a comparison of hedonic pricing model and artifiical neural networkAbidoye, Rotimi Boluwatife
2024Towards rechargeable calcium-ion batteries : insertion chemistry and electrode stabilityZhou, Rui
2021Towards reliable CNN architecture design for visual recognitionLi, Lida
2013Towards safe usage of COTS wireless devices in medical settings : a profiling - policing framework for WBAN against WiFi interferenceWang, Yufei
2023Towards safer buildings : an integrated approach for structural fire analysis, design, and collapse predictionNan, Zhuojun
2022Towards sustainable valorization of sludge : a comprehensive decision-support frameworkLiu, Yue
2022Towards the understanding of railway flange squeal : phenomenon, mechanism, and hybrid model-enabled global sensitivity analysisLuo, Yunke
2011Towards understanding, improving and securing BitTorrent protocol and systemLuo, Jiaqing
2003A traffic flow simulator for driver information systemXu, Gang
2017Traffic induced vibrations in two-and-a-half dimensional frameworkLuo, Weili