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2017Two analytical essays in distribution channelsFang, Dalu
2007Two classes of novel TCP exploits and the countermeasuresLuo, Xiapu
2022Two essays in banks’ risk-taking behaviorBegum, Noor Nahar
2010Two essays in empirical financeWang, Jun
2022Two essays on asset pricing and retail investorsDu, Qingjie
2019Two essays on auditing in ChinaZhao, Jing
2019Two essays on corporate finance under time-varying economic conditionsShang, Longfei
2021Two essays on corporate innovationYu, Junbiao
2018Two essays on customer concentration and stock price crash riskMeng, Chenxing
2022Two essays on debt financingWang, Yang
2019Two essays on equilibrium analysis of customer's queueing behaviorHuang, Fengfeng
2016Two essays on formal institutions and debt financeLi, Mengyuan
2012Two essays on IPO underpricingChen, Yibiao
2017Two essays on liner shipping network designXia, Jun
2013Two essays on managing inventory and production systems with poisson demandLi, Qingying
2019Two essays on mergers and acquisitionsGong, Zhaoran
2018Two essays on reduction of fake reviewsWu, Pengkun
2018Two essays on risks and returns in operations managementYiu, Lik Man Daphne
2018Two essays on the behavioural aspect of operations management : employee attributes and customer participationGuo, Yujuan
2000Two essays on the role of accounting information in firm valuation : empirical evidence from JapanHo, Sandra Wai-man