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2009Transnational consumer culture and middle class professionals : an ethnographic account of consumption and identity in post-reform ChinaElfick, Tse-mui Jacqueline
2017Transplantation of a positive youth development program in mainland ChinaLeung, Tong Lit Charles
2015Transport and optical characteristics of graphene-based hybrid structure and two-dimensional layered gallium selenideJie, Wenjing
2015Transport network structure : competition and policy implicationsWang, Yujie
2021A transposon-based insertional mutagenesis screen for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)-induced metastasis in miceLo, Hiu Wing
2021A transposon-based insertional mutagenesis screen for identifying cancer genes and sorafenib resistance mechanisms in hepatocellular carcinomaTo, Chong Wa
2006Treatment of upper extremity paresis using transcutaneous electrical stimulation during acute strokeAu-Yeung, Suk-yin Stephanie
2008Treatment of upper limb paresis by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and task-related training during chronic strokeBi, Sheng
2023The tri-value of a lifestyle entrepreneur : constructing sustainable business models in local tourism settingsWu, Ying
2010Tribological coating of titanium alloys by laser processingPang, Wang
2018Tropospheric correction for long-range high precision GNSS positioning with regional numerical weather prediction modelsLiu, Min
2017Tunable mode-locked fiber lasers with optical fiber grating devicesWang, Jie
2012Tunable photonic devices in ferroelectric-based layered structuresXin, Jianzhuo
2007A turbulent cylinder wake with cylinder corners modified or a neighbouring cylinder presentHu, Juchuan
2011Turbulent flows within a cyclone and behind an ahmed vehicle modelWang, Xiaowen
2005Turbulent structures in the wake of circular cylindersYiu, Man-wah
2008Twist liveliness of spun yarns and the effects on knitted fabric spiralityMurrells, Charlotte
2017Two analytical essays in distribution channelsFang, Dalu
2007Two classes of novel TCP exploits and the countermeasuresLuo, Xiapu
2022Two essays in banks’ risk-taking behaviorBegum, Noor Nahar