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2007CAD technology for clothing biomechanical engineering designWang, Ruomei
2021Calculus of Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz exponents and its applications in the analysis of first-order methodsYu, Peiran
2012Call centre communication : an analysis of interpersonal meaningWan, Yau Ni
2001Can pre-emptive and continued transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) improve the management of post-operative knee pain?Wang, Ninghua
2022Can you have your cake and eat it too? A tale of cybersecurity and operational efficiencyLiu, Ruiqi
2020Capacitive deionization of brackish water with carbon-based materialsLi, Bei
2022Capital and habitus in shaping the educational expectation of migrant children : --a mixed-methods research in ShanghaiDing, Qifan
2015Capital flow to the countryside : agrarian change and rice production in ChinaChen, Yiyuan
2009Capturing design rationale within a CAD environmentChan, Chiu-cheung
2004Capturing quality costs of construction processes using the Construction Process Cost Model (CPCM)Aoieong, Taiman Raymond
2016Carbon based composites for supercapacitor electrodesYang, Qin
2019Carbon based nanodots and microspheres for bioimaging and biosensingLyu, Jing
2021Carbon materials for advanced potassium-based batteries : mechanism exploration and performance optimizationTan, Hong
2020Carbon nanotube-based hierarchical fillers modified cementitious composites for smart structuresDing, Siqi
2018The cardiovascular protective role of salvianic acid A in diabetes with elevated homocysteine levelGao, Lei
2005Caring for stroke-impaired elderly family members : a study of family adaptation in a Chinese contextLee, Lai-tong Regina
2008Case management approach for return to work of injured workers : studies on effects on system and workers' readinessLai, Hon-sun
2014A case-based study on public-private-partnership projects in the urban water supply sectorSheng, Nan
2022Catalyst development and air electrode structure engineering for rechargeable Zn-air batteriesDai, Yawen
2004Catalytic asymmetric addition reactions leading to carbon-carbon bond formation : phenyl and alkenyl transfer to aldehydes and alkynylation of [alpha]-amino esterJi, Jianxin