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2024Analysis and assessment of security situation awareness of wireless electric vehicle charging systems under non-ideal conditionsNIU, Songyan
2023Analysis and control of grid-forming converters for improving the utilization of renewable energy and the adaptability to grids and loadsLiu, Yonghui
2024Automatic selection of spoken language biomarkers for dementia detectionKe, Xiaoquan
2024A computationally efficient impedance scanning of inverter-based resourcesOuyang, Chenxi
2024Deep learning for rumour detection and claim veracity assessment on social mediaCheung, Tsun Hin
2023Design and analysis of the modular variable flux reluctance linear machineLi, Zhenghao
2024Design and development of compact 2-axis accelerometer for pantograph-catenary systemYu, Yaokang
2023Design, analysis and application of variable reluctance machineJiang, Jifu
2023Design, analysis and applications of low-frequency electromagnetic resonance-based structuresChen, Yuanxi
2024EMT-type impedance scanning methods for screening control interactions between inverter-based resource and transmission gridMeng, Lei
2024Engineering photoactive layer towards high-performance organic solar cellsFu, Jiehao
2023High capacity short-reach optical transmission system based on fiber-eigenmode multiplexingZhang, Jianbo
2024Highly coherent broadband mode-locked laser source and its applicationsChen, Hongjie
2023Hollow-core fiber assisted high sensitivity spectroscopic gas sensingChen, Feifan
2024Improved performance of GaN metal-insulator-semiconductor high-electron-mobility transistors towards power applicationsHe, Jiaqi
2023Integrated smart pavement systems for environment monitoring, localization, and traffic data collectionWang, Yuhao
2023Linear model and dynamic analysis of multi-terminal direct current systemsLi, Jiapeng
2024Load flow solvers for DC and hybrid AC/DC gridsJavid, Zahid
2023Novel fabry-pérot resonators for sensing applicationsJiang, Xiaoping
2023Optimized transient modulation and control strategies for bidirectional dual-active-bridge DC-DC convertersSun, Chuan