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20043D visualization of the IHO standard electronic navigational chart dataset with a marine GIS modelChau, Chun-ming
2009Accuracy analysis of airborne LiDAR dataMan, Guanghua
2002Adoption and adaptation of digital photogrammetry in a Hong Kong survey practiceHo, Chi-ho Eddie
2008Agricultural lot boundary re-establishment by old aerial photograph and topographic mapZhang, Ran
2006Algorithmic development of an optimal path computation model based on topographic map featuresTang, Yuet-fong Mandy
2013Algorithms for wireless sensor network localization based on received signal strength indicationWei, Bing
2009An alternative DGPS algorithm for GPS mobile phoneWang, Ning
2011Analysis and monitoring of PM2.5 particle pollution in Hong KongWang, Jingzhi
2002An analysis of accessibility measures for school trip in Hong Kong by using geographic information systems (GIS)Ma, Ming-lai
2013The analysis of Beijing atmospheric particulates based On GIS and molecular biology methodsYan, Xing
2015Analysis of Chinese LBSN business models based on four-box approachWan, Qifan
2013Analysis of spatial differentiation of merchandise residence prices in ShenzhenQiu, Yue
2011Analysis of spatial distribution of heavy metal pollution in Hong Kong Island by using an integrated interpolation methodHuang, Chao
2015Analyzing and predicting risks of infectious diseases by geographic information scienceWang, Bin
2015Anthropogenic heat flux estimation over Hong Kong : a multi modelling approachYogeswaran, Nithiyanandam
2008The application of Ajax in web GISLiang, Yanshou
2003The application of GIS in sewerage information systemSheng, Kwok-on
2012Application of photogrammetric metrology to deformation monitoring of critical civil structureOr, Ching Yin
2002Application of the Internet GIS on hiking routes in Hong KongChan, Yun-lock Luke
2004Applications of GIS for managing the indoor air quality impacts of renovation workWong, Chor-tung