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2012Approximability of vehicle routing problemsXu, Liang
2016Business process virtualization : an empirical study of performance implications and contextual factors of successHau, Kai Pun Jacky
2011Co-marketing alliance for international brandsXiao, Zuhui
2011Coastal reform in China : impact of path dependency on port governanceShou, Chen
2010Collude or compete : choice of P&I Clubs and role of marine mutual insurance cartelMin, Jie
2009Computational optimization of mutual insurance systems: a Quasi-Variational Inequality approachYuan, Jiguang
2008Container port productivity comparison cross countryKong, Xiangzheng
2010The dynamics of shipbuilding in shipping : an econometric analysisXu, Jing Jane
2011Econometric analyses of container shipping market and capacity developmentFan, Lixian
2011Essays on contract manufacturingNiu, Baozhuang
2010Evaluating flexible capacity strategy under demand uncertaintyYang, Liu
2012Green retailing : construct measurement and its antecedent-adoption-performance relationshipsTang, Kit Yee
2008The impact of ISO 9000 on operating performance and senior executive compensation : an empirical analysisLo, Kwan-yu Chris
2015The impact of social media initiatives on operational and financial outcomes : two empirical studiesLam, Kin Sang
2010The impact of technologically new products on stock prices and operating performanceXin, Ying
2010Joint service and price competitions facing naive customersLi, Li
2008Maritime safety policy and risk managementZheng, Haisha
2011Multi-period empty container repositioning with stochastic demand and lost salesZhang, Bo
2011Relationships between the freight and ship markets in the dry bulk and tanker sectorsKou, Ying
2019Selected topics in interdisciplinary operations management : behavioral pricing, omnichannel and horizontal mergerKuang, Yunjuan