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2017Acoustic black hole effect for vibration controlTang, Liling
2020Acoustic black hole plates for vibration and sound radiation mitigationMa, Li
2009Acoustic resonators for noise control in enclosures : modelling, design and optimizationYu, Ganghua
2014Active control of a turbulent round jet based on unsteady microjetsZhang, Pei
2012Active control of flow-induced acoustic resonance through surface perturbationLu, Zhenbo
2012Advanced composites manufactured from cyclic butylenes terephthalate resin with post-processingTian, Lei
2012Advanced composites with nanofillers prepared from cyclic butylene terephthalate resinSheng, Qi
2017Aero-acoustic-structural interactions and noise control in the fan-ducted systemChiang, Yan Kei
2002Aerodynamic and vibroacoustic noise of small axial-flow fans : analysis and controlChong, Tat-lung
2015Aerodynamics of high-speed train entering a tunnelZhang, Qi
2005Analysis and control of computer cooling fan noiseWong, Kam
2015Analysis and control of fan noise within a converging duct section of limited lengthXi, Qiang
2015Analysis and design of a novel nonlinear vibration isolator and its applicationsSun, Xiuting
2016Analysis and design of high noise insulation windowsZhang, Wanxin
2016Analysis and design of vehicle seat suspension based on bio-inspired structure and stewart platformHu, Feizhou
2013Analysis of heat transfer in a building structure accounting for the realistic effect of thermal radiation heat transferTam, Wai Cheong
2010Analysis of residual stresses of layered nanostructured metallic plateFu, Jia
2007Analysis of vibration and squeal noise of a brake rotor using a simplified modelZhang, Fang
2000Analysis on the adaptability and feasibility of implementing the automated guided vehicle system in outboard engine industryTso, Man-yung
2015Analysis, design and testing of nonlinear QZS-based sensor systems for measurement of absolute vibration motionWang, Yu