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2000Ambiguous prescribing practices in a large public hospital in Hong KongChung, Kai-kwong
1999Antioxidant potential of selected dietary and medicinal agents; implications for improving in vivo antioxidant statusSzeto, Yim-tong Savio
1998Assertiveness and its measurement in Hong Kong nursesAu, Sin-ting Cindy
1999Attitudinal variables associated with breast self-examination among women in Hong KongChan, Yuk-ping
2001Auricular therapy and insomnia in the elderlySuen, Kwai-ping Lorna
2001Breastfeeding status of infants admitted to neonatal unit in Hong KongLee, Sze-wai Josephine
2001The caring attributes of registered psychiatric nurses in Hong Kong : an exploratory studyChong, Ming-ip Colin
2001Chinese translation and psychometric evaluation of the "quality of life radiation therapy instrument with head and neck companion module (QOL-RTI/H&N)"Lo, Suk-yee Phoebe
2000Co-infection of hepatitis C virus and hepatitis G virus/GBV-C : a pilot study in Hong Kong ChineseFung, Tak-man
2000A comparative study of the gel-centrifugation technique and flow cytometry for the detection of "PNH red cell" populations in the hematological disordersMan, Kwai-fun
2001A comparative study on perceived importance in aspects of rehabilitative care between stroke patients and nursesChan, Man-wai
1998Conceptions of illness and hospital behavior in children receiving treatment for cancerLam, Yuen-ming
2001Conceptual understandings and their application to a problem assessment task : implications for nursing curriculum design (Vol. 1)Wong, Wai-lin Marian
2001Conceptual understandings and their application to a problem assessment task : implications for nursing curriculum design (Vol. 2)Wong, Wai-lin Marian
2001Coping of Chinese women with breast cancer : psychological adjustment through reframingChing, Siu-yin
1999Culture of fetal stem cells from umbilical cord bloodLam, Oi-man Winnie
2001Decision making of triage nurses in determination of patients' level of urgency in accident & emergency departments in Hong KongLau, Ping-fat
2000Demonstration of human telomerase RNA component (hTR) expression in normal, inflammatory and neoplastic colonic tissues by non-radioactive in situ hybridizationLee, Wing-keung
2000Detection of beta-thalassaemia mutations in Hong Kong Chinese using polymerase chain reaction-single stranded conformation polymorphism (PCR-SSCP) analysisFung, Lai-fong
2001Detection of enterotoxigenic staphylococcus aureus in the anterior naresof young adults studying in the Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityLeung, Wing-fai